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Antler & Co. at
Antler & Co.

Bringing nature indoors is a dominant design trend right now. The two guys behind Antler & Co. nailed it. Groovy, natural racks for your home made of real, cast-off American deer antlers. They anchor easily to your wall creating a place to hang your hat, jacket, even artwork. You should know male deer naturally shed their antlers every season, so there’s no harm in their charm.

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Godfather Mansion on Staten Island at
Godfather Mansion on Staten Island

Francis Ford Coppola’s 1972 classic film The Godfather is an American epic. But do you think you could really get a good night’s sleep in the bedroom where the severed horse head scene was filmed? Admittedly, it’s an odd question. But, considering the mansion from the movie is now for sale, someone’s gonna end up pondering this question. The eight-bedroom, five-bath Staten Island estate sits on 4 acres (enough room for a horse of your own) and is priced at $2.9 million.

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The Very Many Varieties of Beer Poster at
The Very Many Varieties of Beer Poster

The days of hanging “beer stuff” on the walls ended when you left the dorms. But now that you’ve got a Man Room in the house, you can do it again. This time around it won’t be a neon Corona sign, because that won’t fly with the lady in your life. But this might. This handsome, hand-numbered poster shows the family tree of beer varieties and is printed on recycled, archival stock paper. Let her pick the frame and you’re good.

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French Tournament Edition Backgammon & Chess Set at
French Tournament Edition Backgammon & Chess Set

Players of chess & backgammon take these traditional board games seriously. So too, does Restoration Hardware. Their handsome double game set in a mango wood & leather box includes leather dice cups and linen pouches to store the wooden game pieces. Classic and aged …  just like the games themselves.

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The Duddha Rug at
The Duddha Rug

If you’re like The Dude, your living room is the very center of your universe. This Lebowski-inspired 3X5-foot indoor rug from Louisville-based graphic designer, Bill Green, will tie the whole room together. And as long as nobody happens to pee on your rug, you’ll be able to keep your head right on bowling night. That’s right.

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William Ultrasonic Humidifier at
William Ultrasonic Humidifier

With the forced heat cranked up, the air can get as dry as the Mojave. When you wake up in the morning and your nose feels like a box of Triscuits, it’s time for a humidifier. The William Ultrasonic is the one. The Swiss design is clean & refined with digital display, low power consumption and silent operation. With multiple modes for diffusing mist, it will keep your whole home moist when you need it most.

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Desile Folding Chair at
Desile Folding Chair

This is what smart industrial design looks like. Attractive and functional. French artist, Christian Desile, created this award-winning folding chair from one single slice of board, so it takes up almost no space until you need a seat. But what’s even cooler – the chairs are made of a combination of bamboo & PET, making them truly sustainable.

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Enoteca Wall Mount Wooden Bottle Rack at
Enoteca Wall Mount Wooden Bottle Rack

Italians know their wine and their design. The two are stylishly paired in this space-saving and chic wall-mounted wine rack. Designed by Antonio Lages & Angela Ladeiro for Italian homegoods brand, Legonart, the rack is made of solid Ash wood and aluminum. Easy to mount and holds ten bottles.

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Biodegradable Ice/Snow Carpets at
Biodegradable Ice/Snow Carpets

Let’s be lazy. When snow & ice piles upon the front steps, don’t go out there and shovel. Just roll out one of these biodegradable carpets and close the door. The natural coco fiber mat will prevent slips & falls on the snowy walkway and when the Spring thaw comes … the carpet will dissolve.

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The Fridge Couch at
The Fridge Couch

Yes they did. Recycled refrigerators & car seats combined with an eye for aesthetics has resulted in the coolest place to sit your ass down. With features like rich wood trim, side tables and even sound systems, these couches are fully custom creations. Based in Cape Cod, Mass., Fridge Couch’s creator scours local junkyards for materials. That’s called Yankee ingenuity.

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