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Nest Thermostat at
Nest Thermostat

Finally someone else realized your time is much too valuable for menial crap like turning the dials on your home thermostats to regulate the heat. Nest Thermostat’s aren’t stupid, they learn what temp you like, when, and they keep it there, so you can get back to kicking the world’s ass with one less distraction. Neat fact: the founders of Nest were part of the original iPod development team at Apple.

BUY IT   $249 Categories: Space

Toledo Barstool at
Toledo Barstool

It’s modeled after an old school draftsman’s stool. But this adjustable, distressed steel and wood model is a barstool, more for the draughtsman. Get it? Draught? Hey, you try to be clever about a stool and see what you come up with.

BUY IT   $295 Also posted in Seating

Beer Bottle Plumbing Fixture Desk Lamp at
Beer Bottle Plumbing Fixture Desk Lamp

You’ve probably heard of steampunks and their crafty retro-Victorian movement; well, this could be an offshoot, we’ll call it junkpunk. Unless you have a better term for a desk lamp made out of a beer bottle, galvanized pipe and fittings.

BUY IT   $265 Also posted in Lighting

Nintendo Game Cartridge Book Ends at
Nintendo Game Cartridge Book Ends

Aside from a choppy, pixelated 8-bit walk down memory lane, what real uses are there for classic Nintendo game cartridges? How about turning them into bookends? Yeah, sure.

BUY IT   $20 Also posted in Decor

Recycled Hubcap Clocks at
Recycled Hubcap Clocks

The artisans from Starling Ink are turning hubcaps from classic cars into functional, funky wall clocks that will look badass hanging on the wall of your man room or garage. They have hubcaps from all makes and models, maybe even your first car if you got your license back in the 70s.

BUY IT   $34.99+ Also posted in Decor

Light-Light Floating Lamps at
Light-Light Floating Lamps

How do these “floating” lamps work? The answer is electromagnets. Incidentally, this is also the answer to how most of Criss Angel’s illusions work.

BUY IT   $1300 Also posted in Lighting

Jumbo Flip Clock at
Jumbo Flip Clock

If you spend your entire workday watching the clock and trying to telepathically urge it toward five p.m., this wall-mounted jumbo flip clock is going to make you even crazier. It’s big, bold numbers flip mechanically reminding you of every passing minute, even though it feels like time is standing still.

BUY IT   $44.90 Also posted in Decor

Bulldozer Sprocket Wine Rack at
Bulldozer Sprocket Wine Rack

Technically you don’t need to store bottles of table wine on their side. Flat storage is for aging. But regardless, this wine rack made from a discarded bulldozer sprocket will add a bit of industrial edge to your home décor.

BUY IT   $260 Also posted in Decor

Brooklyn Slate Coasters at
Brooklyn Slate Coasters

Coasters are supposed to protect your furniture from drink rings and these little square slabs of slate from a quarry in upstate New York will do exactly that. Just be careful you don’t drop one the coffee table or the hardwood floor, they’ll do some damage.

BUY IT   $22 Also posted in Decor

Pallet Chair at
Pallet Chair

Tell me you didn’t cringe when you put that shipping pallet out on the curb. Such a waste, right? Some of us are handy enough to find good use for all that pine, but for the rest of us, how about letting craftsman Clark Titus cobble together a fine looking chair out of the “waste”? He’ll finish it with teak oil and ship it out for your green ass to sit on.

BUY IT   $99 Also posted in Seating
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