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Nicholas Brawer Antiques at
Nicholas Brawer Antiques

You can’t buy good taste, but with enough money someone else can buy it for you. That’s where Manhattan-based “Mantique” aficionado Nicholas Brawer comes in. He’s an art historian and British furniture expert who surrounds himself with unique industrial treasures. His Upper East Side gallery is a showplace for a revolving collection of the finest in manly artifacts.

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Tyler Stout’s Limited Edition Star Wars Posters at
Tyler Stout’s Limited Edition Star Wars Posters

Fellow Jedi, set your alarm for Dec 31st and stay close to your internet device all day, because a limited-edition series of Star Wars movie posters will be released this Friday at a random time. The illustrated posters, designed by Tyler Stout come in an edition of 850 for $50 and another more limited run of 250 for $100. Be ready to click fast and use the force if necessary.

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Green Log at
Green Log

You’re drinking Green Drink, driving a green vehicle, greening your business. Why not burn a Green Log in your fireplace? These campfire logs are made from 100% renewable Giant King grass & fused with a slow-burning compound that keeps ’em crackling for 5 hours.

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Roost Edison Lamp at
Roost Edison Lamp

After a 40-hour week spent radiating under the soul-sucking office fluorescents, you’ll really appreciate the warmth of the Edison Lamp. And, we don’t mean hey-these-100-year-old-bulbs-are-starting-to-smoke warmth. We mean the soft glow of a filament bulb. With a simple glass cylinder design, the base is made of shesham wood and the details are nickel.  Don’t even think about screwing one of those curly-Q eco bulbs into this thing.

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Pendleton Glacier Park 100th Anniversary Blanket at
Pendleton Glacier Park 100th Anniversary Blanket

Pendleton wool blankets are a throwback to America’s frontier days. A time when women chewed tobacco and buffalo still roamed. In those days, America’s treasures weren’t bank securities, they were its land. Places like Glacier National Park, called the crown of the continent, were set aside for national pride & preservation. As Glacier approaches its 100-year Anniversary, Pendleton keeps tradition alive with a classic, commemorative wool blanket. And yes, it’s American made.

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Recycled Boat Sail Chair at
Recycled Boat Sail Chair

This unique chair combines two key elements of Norwegian style. The smooth, sculptural shape and natural angles of the chair are pure Scandinavian design, while the maritime motif of an actual sail traces Norway’s deep nautical traditions. Spinnaker’s website lets you design your own from a menu of cool choices.

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Bike Part Furniture by Matt Shiley at
Bike Part Furniture by Matt Shiley

One man’s old crank is … actually, forget the punchline. Artist Matt Shiley is creating fine industrial-style furniture from found bike parts. And his sculptural, intricately crafted seating is like nothing you’ve seen before. Far from simply refined recycling, Shiley’s works look much more MOMA than MTB.  Proudly handmade in the USA.

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Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener at
Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener

Since one of your reject buddies already put a nice chip in your custom countertop, it might seem kinda too little, too late to get this handy beer opener fridge magnet. But it’s so easy; so right. It just sticks to your fridge, right there where even a guy who’s a few brain cells shy of a 12-pack could find it. And hey, if you won’t buy it … we bet your lady will.

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lighTIN Beer Can Light at
lighTIN Beer Can Light

British furniture designer, Thomas Stanley, is a man’s man. While enjoying a nice foamy Guinness in a “widget” can, a lightbulb went off in Stanley’s head and the lighTIN was born. This eco-friendly design is made of mostly recycled materials and delivers bright, long-lasting light from an LED bulb. And if Guinness is a little too heavy for you, the lighTIN also comes in Stella, Heineken & Foster’s designs.

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Adirondack Firestone Starter Kit at
Adirondack Firestone Starter Kit

So you weren’t a Boy Scout. Do one better. Use this traditional Adirondack firelighter to start your fireplace. The firestone soaks in a vessel of simple lamp oil. Just take it out, roll it in the ashes, light, and place it under the firewood. It will have your fire cracking in minutes flat. Instead of crumbling up newspaper and hunting around the house for stuff to burn, you can just kick back & get cozy.

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