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Stelton Pure Black Knives at
Stelton Pure Black Knives

Like most guys, you’re pretty serious about your tools. You need the right one for the job, no matter what you’re working on. And if the project happens to be a gourmet meal, Stelton’s Pure Black knife collection is what you need. They’re sculpted from a single slab of stainless steel and treated to stay sharp enough to lop off a digit in one quick slice. They also feature a hygienic coating for easy cleaning if you do happen to lose a finger.

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Bluelounge StudioDesk at
Bluelounge StudioDesk

Sitting on the couch with your laptop on your lap is not really a home office. Here’s a great first step to getting more out of  “working from home.” This wood and formica table-desk is designed for you. An ample workspace, the desktop has a secret compartment that flips open to reveal space for your peripherals, cables and other random junk. When you’re done, just throw your stuff in the cubby, close the top & voilá, office hours are over.

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Barrelly Made It Furniture at
Barrelly Made It Furniture

You probably drank a barrel of wine last year. Ever wonder what happens to the empty barrels? We didn’t think so. Luckily though, San Diego artist/designer, Gustaf Rooth, thought about it. He also took action. He and his small team produce handmade furniture from used wine barrels that isn’t just rad, but also built of 99% recycled material. Their designs are functional, solid and each peice is unique. We’ll drink to that.

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Cigar Box Bird Houses at
Cigar Box Bird Houses

Sure, making the birdhouse from recycled wood and finishing it with a natural, soy-based finish helps the environment. But, the part you play might be even more crucial. When you buy one of these handmade houses, you’ll be providing a new home for a bird. You’ll help turn the bird’s life around. You’ll give it hope.

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Board Game Remix Kit at
Board Game Remix Kit

In the day & age when you can get a full-bars wi-fi connection from Fiji to Mount Everest, literally, the idea of sitting around playing board games is kitsch nostalgia. But games like Scrabble & Monopoly get you interacting face to face with other human beings. Fresh, right? The Board Game Remix kit rewrites the rules to the classic games collecting dust in your closet, introduces some new games and teaches you how to improvise when you’re missing pieces. Old just became new.

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Vintage Motorcycle Lamp at
Vintage Motorcycle Lamp

After life as a motorcycle, Virginia-based artist, Betsy Ryland, grants these vintage cycle scraps immortality by turning them into artistic industrial designs. Her lamps are made of a spring, shock absorber and transmission gear standings on a base crafted from a brake caliper. Each lamp is one of a kind, unless you order a matching set. The artist will do custom work, too.

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Ammo Crate Sidetable at
Ammo Crate Sidetable

A long time ago, it was a box that carried ammo. Now, it’s a table. What caused this transformation, you ask? Art is the answer. South African designer, Katie Thompson, “re-created” this piece, adding tapered wooden legs, which turned it from discarded military surplus to a piece of functional art with a story to tell. It’s all about vision, right?

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A Cut Above Knife Sharpener at
A Cut Above Knife Sharpener

We know the job of sharpening your household knives is pretty dull. Gotcha! But really, when you’ve got chef’s knives and fine cutlery, you want it sharp.  And you don’t want to harm the blades in the process or break a sweat honing them up. Logically, the Austrians came up with a simple, functional design for a sharpener that mounts to your countertop with four suction cup feet.

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Spirit of 427 Automotive Furniture at
Spirit of 427 Automotive Furniture

Car dudes, don’t worry. This is not the actual nose of a Shelby Cobra 427. The two-man design team at Poland’s LA Design Studio know better. The body panels they use for their 427 Collection of custom, Cobra-inspired furnishings are actually reproductions made to exact specs from raw aluminum. Complete with factory-correct headlights, chrome accents and hardware, they’re built to inspire, not infuriate. We repeat, no Cobras are harmed in the making of this furniture.

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Aviator Wing Desk at
Aviator Wing Desk

If you run out of impressive things to talk about, you can say it’s a souvenir from the plane crash you survived. It does look pretty real. With the polished aluminum patchwork, exposed screwheads and a fat 78” width, it’s nearly true to scale. This time, your tall tale might actually fly.

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