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Ak47 Design Outdoor Fire Pit at
Ak47 Design Outdoor Fire Pit

Cool fall nights are always right for a backyard fire. But in the morning when you notice your patio deck has a burn in it, you’ll wish you had one of these outdoor firepits from Ak47. With its smooth, architectural design, it fits with any décor and keeps your fire safely contained. When you’re done, just slide the metal cover over the top and forget about it.

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Snow Peak Garden Dining Table at
Snow Peak Garden Dining Table

It’s high summer, “chill and grill” season is now. Time to eat out. And by that we mean outside. The Garden Dining table is designed to fit all of Snow Peak’s outdoor cooking appliances so you can cook dinner right there at the table, Teppanyaki style. Made of stainless steel and Itauba wood, this table is sure to be at the center of the meal and it’s built to last long past Labor Day.

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Tolkien Inspired Bronze Sculptures at
Tolkien Inspired Bronze Sculptures

Statues of gnomes and elves seem inappropriate anywhere but the garden. Who knows why?  But out in the garden, they fit right in. These detailed bronze sculptures by artists Jim Kempton & David Goode are inspired by the writings of Tolkien and feature all types of fairy tale creatures from his classic fantasy novels.

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Weber Fireplace at
Weber Fireplace

Sometimes you get that urge and you just have to burn one.  Staring into the fire is better than 3D, HD, IMax, Blu-ray, all that. It’s primal. Spark up this 30-inch fireplace and take everyone out into the backyard for some s’mores or ghost stories or just stare at the flames in silence. Burning wood is quality entertainment.

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Henge Outdoor Ping Pong Table at
Henge Outdoor Ping Pong Table

You’ll never have a bad bounce or a droopy net with this ping pong table. Made of concrete, this sculptural, nuclear bombproof platform will last for like … ever. The net is made of heavy gauge stainless steel. The Henge brand works with cities to place these tables in public parks. If you’re near Tompkin’s Square Park in NYC, you can test the fresh tables they just installed.

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The Non-Conformist Garden Gnome at
The Non-Conformist Garden Gnome

Most gnomes are pretty lame. They just stand there smiling innocently at the flowers. This guy—a weatherproof, breakproof plastic garden decoration—is an exceptional gnome. He knows he’s creepy and he doesn’t give a f#@k. He’s like,  “Take a picture b@#tch, it’ll last longer …”

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Cigar Box Bird Houses at
Cigar Box Bird Houses

Sure, making the birdhouse from recycled wood and finishing it with a natural, soy-based finish helps the environment. But, the part you play might be even more crucial. When you buy one of these handmade houses, you’ll be providing a new home for a bird. You’ll help turn the bird’s life around. You’ll give it hope.

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Solid Brass Anchor Light at
Solid Brass Anchor Light

The anchor light stands out for its commanding looks & enduring practicality. Brass sheet beats rust and even acid rain. A hand-made glass lens distributes light 360º. Heavy-cast handles fold down when not in use, but are available for hooking-up the lamp using a bracket, rope or tree branch. It functions on lamp oil, but is easily converted to electric. Its classic shape is handsome, sturdy and will last a lifetime.

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Classic Glass Wasp Trap at
Classic Glass Wasp Trap

Remember when you tried to smoke out of one these back in the day? Just kiddin’. All the gear you buy can’t be cool & futuristic, but these traditional glass wasp traps from London’s Garrett Wade are pretty sweet. Literally sweet, actually. Stinging bugs like wasps and bees fly inside, lured by sweet-smelling liquid, where they’re trapped and drown. Who would’ve thought killing bugs could be so … decorative?

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Lynx Free Standing Cocktail Station at
Lynx Free Standing Cocktail Station

When you wanted to get serious about grilling, you stepped-up and got a grill the size of a Toyota Tundra. It did the trick. Now, it only makes sense that as a professional party host, you should get Lynx’s Cocktail Pro to roll right next to your behemoth BBQ. With a sink, water filtration, ice bin & bottle holders, you have everything you need to loosen up your guests. This is professional grade equipment – you know you’re ready.

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