The Toto Outdoor Oven Looks as Good as it Cooks at werd.com

    The Toto Outdoor Oven Looks as Good as it Cooks

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    Designed and made in Italy, Toto is an outdoor chef’s dream come true: a premium quality grill, wok, and wood-fired oven all in one. Made of commercial-quality stainless it’s packed with smart, convenient features to suit every menu—an efficient firebox, a 23 X 23 inch cook top, a grill grid with wooden handles, 2 storage drawers, and a bread/pizza/roasting oven with a ceramic glass door that can reach temps over 1000º.

    The Städler Made Oven Makes Perfect Pizza, Outdoors at werd.com

    The Städler Made Oven Makes Perfect Pizza, Outdoors

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    Designed by Dutch maker and pizza-baker Pieter Städler, this outdoor oven is designed for wood-fired cooking. Made entirely of ¼” steel sheets it is portable & easy to assemble. When not in use it stores flat. The cooking surface is a stone baking board, transferring the heat & aroma of the wood directly into your crispy crust pizza. A funded Kickstarter.

    Better Grilling Every Time with this All-Clad Stainless Outdoor Cookware at werd.com

    Better Grilling Every Time with this All-Clad Stainless Outdoor Cookware

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    With grilling season fast upon us, now is the time to properly equip yourself for a summer of backyard barbecue action. The All-Clad Stainless-Steel Outdoor cookware set from Williams-Sonoma is a great place to start. The set includes a roaster, a fry pan and grill made of durable brushed stainless steel that resists corrosion and warping. They all feature large perforations that add smoky flavor to a wide range of foods as well as oversize handles for safe, easy handling.

    Uuni Pro Quad-fuelled Outdoor Oven at werd.com

    Uuni Pro Quad-fuelled Outdoor Oven

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    The newest version of the Uuni Outdoor oven is capable of burning wood, wood pellets, charcoal or gas. As the world’s first quad-fuelled outdoor oven, it gives you the freedom to choose the fuel type that best suits the food you’re cooking. With a proven design that reaches temperatures of up to 900˚F/500˚C in only 15 minutes, the Uuni Pro perfectly roasts large meats and fish, bakes breads, and can cook a 16” pizza in just 90 seconds. A funded Indiegogo.

    Looking Glass Perch at werd.com

    Looking Glass Perch

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    Made in America with all upcycled wood, the Looking Glass Perch is an adjustable, portable indoor/outdoor fold-flat stool. Seat height adjustment allows you to sit comfortably at a table, bar, or lower to the ground by your campfire.

    Blaze Fire Tower at werd.com

    Blaze Fire Tower

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    Built to last for generations, the Blaze Fire Tower is precision cut from heavy-duty 3/16” American steel. It’s a combination fire pit & grill with a modern design. Flat pieces and a slotted assembly system make putting it together easy. The enclosed shape provides dry wood storage and accessories like a 24” tall base pedestal & slotted grill rack & basket which will turn it into the centerpiece of your outdoor space.

    Nest Cam Outdoor at werd.com

    Nest Cam Outdoor

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    The weather-proof Nest Outdoor Camera provides around-the-clock security for your home or business. It records everything & saves 30 days worth of footage in cloud storage. If anything happens, you get an alert on your phone. Audio capability also allows you to listen & even talk back for communicating on things like deliveries, dogsitters, & drop-offs.

    Softub at werd.com


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    If you’re thinking about a hot soak at home, there are lots of reasons why a durable, portable Softub makes more sense than a traditional acrylic hot tub. Here are just a few: It sets up in minutes with no site prep. It plugs into a regular household outlet for power. Heating it costs less than half. When you’re done with it, one person can easily roll it away for storage or to a new spot indoors or out.

    Gardena In-Ground Spiral Hose Box at werd.com

    Gardena In-Ground Spiral Hose Box

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    Rather than just having it hang out, you can now hide your hose where nobody will have to look at it. The Gardena in-ground spiral hose box easily connects to your water supply and permanently stores your hose & nozzle underground, keeping it out of the way when not in use. The 33-foot spiral hose deploys easily & coils back up neatly.

    Stahl Firepit at werd.com

    Stahl Firepit

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    The American-made Stahl Firepit will add the warm glow of a wood fire & stylish design to your outdoor chill zone. Made of 5 precision cut, heavy gauge metal plates, it is quick & easy to assemble with no tools or hardware. Also available in all Aluminum construction.

    höfats CUBE at werd.com

    höfats CUBE

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    The German-made, stainless steel CUBE is not your average backyard fire-pit. When you want to extinguish the fire, you simply flip it over. The unique design of the firebowl keeps all the wood, ash and smoldering coals inside while blocking out air it needs to burn. When there’s no fire burning in the CUBE, it can be used as a stool or side table.

    ZappLight Bulb at werd.com

    ZappLight Bulb

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    With the Zika virus buzzing steadily toward your own backyard, the appearance of the ZappLight is a welcome one. It’s an LED light bulb that pulls double-duty as a blue-light bug zapper. Fits in a regular screw-in socket & barbecues mosquitoes instantly on impact.

    Garden Igloo at werd.com

    Garden Igloo

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    So it’s not really an igloo. Everything else about it seems legit though: Garden Igloo is a multipurpose, all-season outdoor shelter in the form of a geodesic dome. At 11-feet in diameter and 7-feet tall, it is big enough for lounging with a few friends, planting your garden, hiding from her mom, etc. Made of materials that are recyclable & won’t rust, it can be self-assembled using no tools. An optional canopy is available.