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326 Snare Drum Light at
326 Snare Drum Light

This light rocks. Tap the real-life drum and this rock-inspired light turns on. Tap it again and it turns off. Play Led Zeppelin’s Moby Dick and it’ll be like an out of control strobe light. The Moby Dick part is a joke. Made from a real snare & drum hardware, this  luminescence is handmade to order in New Zealand by the band from 326 Design Collective.

BUY IT   $850 Also posted in Space

Microphone Light Pendant at
Microphone Light Pendant

If you have a house party at your place, this will get broken or at least torn out of the socket by its 15-ft cord. But that’s to be expected, it looks exactly like a classic rock-n-roll microphone. Which, for the record, is a Shure SM58. Anyway…this unique pendant light holds a soft 6-watt bulb & is made of cherry wood veneer with metal mesh over the bulb.

BUY IT   $200 Also posted in Space

Royal Master Sealight Floor Lamp at
Royal Master Sealight Floor Lamp

Transmit Morse code 19th-century style with this reproduction British marine light. Featuring a machine-turned gear mechanism & telescopic base, this floor lamp will lend the nautical theme without the cliche ship in a bottle.

BUY IT   $1525 Also posted in Space

The Kozo Lamp at
The Kozo Lamp

Go on. Grab a wrench, dismantle the kitchen sink & see if you can make one yourself. If you live with a female, we strongly urge you to snag Demo Design Clinic’s instead. Kozo’s iron parts come from around the world – check out your hand-crafted lamp for the trademark of origin.

BUY IT   $249 Also posted in Space

Machine Head Table Lamp at
Machine Head Table Lamp

You can almost hear the creaks & smell the must. American Furnishings’s Machine Head Table Lamp looks at home in a long forgotten manufacturing plant. Recycled steel cogs & parts create this functioning relic playing homage to a by-gone era.

BUY IT   $399 Also posted in Space

Grenkol Domino Lamp at
Grenkol Domino Lamp

Hand-crafted in Brooklyn, each Domino Lamp holds a 15 watt incandescent bulb available in 1, 2 & 4 socket configurations. Give “candlelight” a masculine edge.

BUY IT   $145 Also posted in Space

Philippe Starck Lounge Gun Lamp at
Philippe Starck Lounge Gun Lamp

Lose the ‘over the mantel’ cliche. Philippe Stark circa 2005. Nothing says business like a cast aluminum, 18K polished, gold-plated rifle. Add the black shade – to life…to death.

BUY IT   $2812 Also posted in Space

Super Guppy Floor Lamp at
Super Guppy Floor Lamp

Did the flicker of street lamps lull you to sleep as a child? Bring the past to life with an updated version of Marc Newson’s 1963 Super Guppy floor lamp. Raw urban industrial meets your living room.

BUY IT   $2400 Also posted in Space

Frank Buchwald’s Steampunk Lights at
Frank Buchwald’s Steampunk Lights

Raw industrial beauty. Berlin designer, Frank Buchwald’s Steampunk Lights look as if they were lifted from a Tim Burton animation. This 12-lamp series of handmade, one-of-a-kind illuminations is all reality, right down to the steel and brass parts.

BUY IT   TBA Also posted in Space

Roost Aluminum Antler Lamp at
Roost Aluminum Antler Lamp

Tin foil has never looked better.  Crafted of sand-cast recycled aluminum, Roost’s Antler Lamp is equally impressive in a cabin or city loft.  Complete the look of this huntsman’s staple with a wood veneer shade.

BUY IT   $220 Also posted in Space
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