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Beer Bottle Plumbing Fixture Desk Lamp at
Beer Bottle Plumbing Fixture Desk Lamp

You’ve probably heard of steampunks and their crafty retro-Victorian movement; well, this could be an offshoot, we’ll call it junkpunk. Unless you have a better term for a desk lamp made out of a beer bottle, galvanized pipe and fittings.

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Light-Light Floating Lamps at
Light-Light Floating Lamps

How do these “floating” lamps work? The answer is electromagnets. Incidentally, this is also the answer to how most of Criss Angel’s illusions work.

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Birch Log Torch Lamps at
Birch Log Torch Lamps

Bringing the outdoor in just feels good. This touch-sensitive lamp is made from a chunk of real, honest-to-goodness White Birch. Just tap the metal bar on the side to adjust four levels of brightness. Retro styling is complete with an included Edison-style bulb and 6-foot braided-cloth cord.

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Vintage Motorcycle Lamp at
Vintage Motorcycle Lamp

After life as a motorcycle, Virginia-based artist, Betsy Ryland, grants these vintage cycle scraps immortality by turning them into artistic industrial designs. Her lamps are made of a spring, shock absorber and transmission gear standings on a base crafted from a brake caliper. Each lamp is one of a kind, unless you order a matching set. The artist will do custom work, too.

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Roost Edison Lamp at
Roost Edison Lamp

After a 40-hour week spent radiating under the soul-sucking office fluorescents, you’ll really appreciate the warmth of the Edison Lamp. And, we don’t mean hey-these-100-year-old-bulbs-are-starting-to-smoke warmth. We mean the soft glow of a filament bulb. With a simple glass cylinder design, the base is made of shesham wood and the details are nickel.  Don’t even think about screwing one of those curly-Q eco bulbs into this thing.

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lighTIN Beer Can Light at
lighTIN Beer Can Light

British furniture designer, Thomas Stanley, is a man’s man. While enjoying a nice foamy Guinness in a “widget” can, a lightbulb went off in Stanley’s head and the lighTIN was born. This eco-friendly design is made of mostly recycled materials and delivers bright, long-lasting light from an LED bulb. And if Guinness is a little too heavy for you, the lighTIN also comes in Stella, Heineken & Foster’s designs.

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Plumen Light Bulbs at
Plumen Light Bulbs

Here’s a bright idea – sorry, had to say it. Compact fluorescent bulbs are better than old-school incandescent ones. In fact, they save 80% more energy. They last much longer, too. And now, Plumen has added some beauty. Instead of hiding the bent tubing, Plumen has spread it out giving a touch of elegance to this intelligent technology.

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Yellow Traffic Light at
Yellow Traffic Light

And you thought yellow lights were just a signal to stomp on the gas. Well, slow it down, buddy. Maybe then you’d notice how warm and mellow the yellow is. This designer pendulum light is made of re-used & up-cycled traffic light parts. Lets just say it’s a lot better for the environment than your driving.

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Toy Lamp by Ryan McElhinney at
Toy Lamp by Ryan McElhinney

You met the girl of your dreams. But…when she comes to your apartment & sees your action-figure collection on display – all bets are off. Maybe you don’t want to let go of the past – so here’s a solution. First, put the action-figures in storage and then order a Toy Lamp from London-based designer, Ryan McElhinney. Each lamp is unique – made of recycled toys that are bonded, coated & painted to form a sculpture. It will shed some light on things…and hopefully help you get that second date.

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Alchemy Table Lamp at
Alchemy Table Lamp

Let your good taste light the way. This sculptural work of functional art will brighten up your workspace. The Alchemy table lamp, designed by Robert Ogden, is comprised of “found” industrial doodads and vintage mechanicals, like antique plumbing knobs & a base made from a 1940s-era trimming machine. Each lamp is, of course, handmade and one of a kind.

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