Anglepoise Original 1227 Giant Collection at

    Anglepoise Original 1227 Giant Collection

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    Originally designed for a museum exhibit, this oversized version of the iconic Anglepoise 1227 desk lamp makes a bold statement in any space. Fully extended it stands over 8-feet tall and is available in the same aluminum construction and powder-coated finishes offered on the original.

    Brick Lamp at

    Brick Lamp

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    Available in concrete, wood, & metal versions, the put-it-anywhere Brick Lamp from HCWD features a warm, 3-watt LED light, a 5-hour battery, & recharges via USB.

    Anglepoise 1227 Desk Lamp at

    Anglepoise 1227 Desk Lamp

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    The Anglepoise 1227 articulated desk lamp has been an enduring classic pretty much since the day it was designed by British auto engineer George Carwardine back in 1934. The iconic, spring-loaded lamp is still available in its original form, in black, red, cream, or chrome.

    Luna Lantern at

    Luna Lantern

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    The Luna Lantern brings the glowing ambience of the full moon into your space. There are 7 sizes available, ranging from 32 in. to 236 in. diameter & they use either LED or Halogen bulbs with adjustable brightness for dialing in the perfect moonlit mood. A funded IndieGoGo.

    Stump – The Cracked Log Table/Stool at

    Stump – The Cracked Log Table/Stool

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    Made from a salvaged stump and fitted with internal lighting that disperses light through the cracks in the log, this stool-table is built for indoor and outdoor use and won the award for the Best Sustainable Design at The Edge 2014. A smaller lamp is also available.

    Bare Light at

    Bare Light

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    Made by hand in Los Angeles, Bare Light stands apart from others due to its clear glass socket; a design that (safely) reveals the light’s electrical components as well as creating a unique refractive glow. Bare Light also features a classic cloth cord.

    Fade Task Lamp at

    Fade Task Lamp

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    Precise dimming control & virtually unlimited adjustability make Fade Lamp a solid choice for shedding light on your workstation. The dimmer & color temperature multi-slider control allows light to be precisely set from multiple levels and a temperature range of 2700 to 5600 K. It also offers 120º range of vertical motion & 270º of rotation.