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Emile Henry Pizza Stone at
Emile Henry Pizza Stone

When stoned, pizza tastes even more amazing. Cooking on a pizza stone makes your crust crispy locking in flavor. This model from Emily Henry is a Housewares Design Awards Finalist, meaning it’s really good. It bakes evenly and looks pro when you pull it from the oven. It even works on the gas grill for outdoor pizza parties.

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Obol – The Original Crispy Bowl at
Obol – The Original Crispy Bowl

Encourage your inner control freak. Control your bowl of cereal & prevent sogginess. Use the Obol to split your morning cereal in two. One side gets the milk, the other side gets the cereal. Now, you can wield ultimate power over your breakfast. If anyone dares to make a wisecrack about your unique bowl, remind them you reign supreme, never to be victimized by soggy Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Ever.

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Magnetic Knife Block at
Magnetic Knife Block

If you just caught yourself thinking “cool knife holder,” you need a little more excitement in your life. But, that doesn’t mean you might not also need a handy knife rack for your kitchen. Using the power of rare earth magnets, this handmade knife holder will keep 6 of your sharpest blades within reach. It’s also hygienic and made from eco-friendly MDF. The “excitement in your life” comment was a cheap shot … sorry. Please put the knife down. Please.

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Menu Glass Kettle Teapot at
Menu Glass Kettle Teapot

There’s nothing nice about teabags. Both the name & the drinking experience they deliver leave a bit to be desired. This teapot from Denmark design house, Menu, will make you forget about the bag. Its smooth glass form is classic Scandinavian design—functional beauty. The tea ball raises and lowers out of the tea for a perfect steep with every pot, while the gorgeous lines of this kettle elevate the tea drinking experience high above the vulgarities of teabagging.

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Stuffed Hamburger Press at
Stuffed Hamburger Press

Form perfect “stuffable” burgers with this innovative kitchen tool from the gourmands at Williams-Sonoma. Yes, you can hide stuff inside the burger. For starters, you can load it with cheese, bacon, chili, onions, peppers, all that. Or make dinner a little more fun by playing sick pranks on the kids.  Put a decapitated Barbie head or hermit crab inside their burgers and see what happens. PS, keep your camera handy.

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Breville Countertop Convection Oven at
Breville Countertop Convection Oven

Most of the time you’re cooking for one or two, right? Save some gas, electricity—and time. With 9 menu functions & precise cooking elements, this little oven will keep you from burning your dinner, while using 30% less energy than the big oven. Plus it’s quick to preheat, meaning you’re eating dinner sooner.

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Manufactum Forged Steel Knife at
Manufactum Forged Steel Knife

This hand-forged, German kitchen knife looks like it survived a nuclear blast or was dredged up from a shipwreck, but clearly the blade’s finish is perfectly precise. Hammered into shape from one molten chunk of steel, this knife has been stripped of all but the essentials. The maker’s mark is a grasshopper, a symbol of the Luneburg Black Forge.

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Stelton Pure Black Knives at
Stelton Pure Black Knives

Like most guys, you’re pretty serious about your tools. You need the right one for the job, no matter what you’re working on. And if the project happens to be a gourmet meal, Stelton’s Pure Black knife collection is what you need. They’re sculpted from a single slab of stainless steel and treated to stay sharp enough to lop off a digit in one quick slice. They also feature a hygienic coating for easy cleaning if you do happen to lose a finger.

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A Cut Above Knife Sharpener at
A Cut Above Knife Sharpener

We know the job of sharpening your household knives is pretty dull. Gotcha! But really, when you’ve got chef’s knives and fine cutlery, you want it sharp.  And you don’t want to harm the blades in the process or break a sweat honing them up. Logically, the Austrians came up with a simple, functional design for a sharpener that mounts to your countertop with four suction cup feet.

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Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener at
Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener

Since one of your reject buddies already put a nice chip in your custom countertop, it might seem kinda too little, too late to get this handy beer opener fridge magnet. But it’s so easy; so right. It just sticks to your fridge, right there where even a guy who’s a few brain cells shy of a 12-pack could find it. And hey, if you won’t buy it … we bet your lady will.

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