With the Pico Model C and PicoStill, Making Homemade Booze is Easier Than Ever at

    With the Pico Model C and PicoStill, Making Homemade Booze is Easier Than Ever

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    Pico’s all-in-one countertop home-brewing units are amazing but they just upped the ante with this new accessory. The PicoStill is a first-of-its-kind distilling attachment that’s compatible with all Pico and Zymatic brew appliances. Use the PicoStill to produce a wide range of craft spirits: vodka, whiskey, bourbon, moonshine, gin, brandy, schnapps, and more. But … Only do this with the proper permits & licenses. A funded Kickstarter.

    Easy as That: Fresh, Cold Brew Coffee at

    Easy as That: Fresh, Cold Brew Coffee

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    As we head into the warmer weather, the idea of icy cold brew coffee on tap in the fridge sounds pretty chill. This stainless steel & glass in-fridge cold brew coffeemaker from KitchenAid can do that. It makes up to 14 servings per brew. Simply fill with coffee and cold water, steep, & enjoy.

    Mazama Creates Elegant Artisan Glassware at

    Mazama Creates Elegant Artisan Glassware

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    Handmade in Portland, Oregon, Mazama’s glassware collection is made with hand blown soda-lime glass. Because they are blown into a mold, they are consistent in size and weight. Mazama offers their elegant Wine, Cocktail & Pint size glasses in both clear & a variety of colorful tints.

    Growler Chill Home Tap at

    Growler Chill Home Tap

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    The Growler Chill is a countertop tap system that delivers a proper draft beer experience straight from your craft growler of choice. It keeps up to 3 growlers cold, pressurized, & fresher longer. There’s also a companion app that allows you to remotely control temp, track the amount of beer left in each growler, track CO2 levels, and notify you when you need to clean it.

    Stagg EKG Electric Pour-Over Kettle at

    Stagg EKG Electric Pour-Over Kettle

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    With temperature-by-degree heat control with a digital LCD display, the 1-liter Stagg EKG electric kettle will give you the precise water temp to suit your pour-over preference & the coffee you’re brewing. It features a hold button to maintain that exact temp for up to 30 minutes, an optional free app allows you to control all the EKG’s features from your phone via bluetooth.

    Midnight Scoop at

    Midnight Scoop

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    With a design that provides maximum leverage, the Midnight Scoop makes it easier to get the ice cream out of the frozen container & into your cup or cone. It’s made from a solid piece of aerospace grade aluminum, so no matter how frozen your favorite flavor may be, it scoops like a hot knife slides through butter.

    ZERA Food Recycler at

    ZERA Food Recycler

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    The Food Recycler turns your food waste into ready-to-use fertilizer in just 24 hours. Using a fully-automated process, it reduces organic matter by 2/3rds, meaning you’ll send less to the landfill while providing your houseplants, garden, and lawn with rich, nutritious fertilizer. The recycler holds about 7 days worth of waste and keeps your kitchen fresh with a HEPA/carbon filter. A funded Indiegogo.

    Blanc Creatives Cookware at

    Blanc Creatives Cookware

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    Designed & handcrafted by a small team of artisans in Charlottesville, North Carolina, the cookware and kitchen goods from Blanc Creative are highlighted by top-quality materials and simple, functional aesthetics. They make carbon steel skillets & sauté pans, cutlery, cutting boards, spoons, spreaders, and more.

    Spinn Coffee Machine at

    Spinn Coffee Machine

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    A complete gourmet coffee system, the Spinn coffeemaker gets its name from the spinning cylinder it uses to force heated water through your freshly ground beans under intense pressure. The result is a café-quality cup at home from a stylish, premium countertop machine you can customize with accessories like an optional bean hopper & milk frother. Available for pre-order now.

    Steam Oven Toaster Balmuda at

    Steam Oven Toaster Balmuda

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    The Toaster from Japan’s Balmuda is for adults only, reason being: it turns perfectly innocent food into decadent food porn. It’s a steam toaster oven that won the Good Design Award for its sharp looks and ability to give your toast a crispy outer crust with a warm & spongy inside.

    Polygons Folding Measuring Spoon at

    Polygons Folding Measuring Spoon

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    Save some space in that drawer full of kitchen doodads with Polygons. It’s an origami-like measuring spoon that lays flat and folds to 4 different sizes to fit your cooking and baking needs. Easy to store, easy to clean, works as a spreader. 2 sizes available: TSP with ¼, ½ , ¾, & 1 or TBSP with ½, 1, 1 ½, 2. A funded Kickstarter.