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James Perse Ping Pong Table at
James Perse Ping Pong Table

If you like the cut of his shirts, you might also appreciate the cut of his limited edition teakwood ping-pong table. A sharp, minimal design, Perse also offers an optional teak tabletop to convert this big, regulation 9-by-5-foot table into a dining or conference table after the match.

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Bullet Chess Set at
Bullet Chess Set

The ultimate war game now played with bullets. This handmade chess set is crafted from spent .233 bullet casings. One side uses brass, the other side uses metal and the board is made from a single slab of red oak. Each piece has been hand-shaped: cut, curled and burnt for a truly unique game set. If your chess games get heated, don’t worry, these bullets won’t shoot.

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Custom Beer Pong Table at
Custom Beer Pong Table

Here’s one for all the grown-up former frat boys: a custom-made, high-quality beer pong table fit for serious aficionados of the world’s most important drinking game. It features a smooth, seamless Poplar wood surface with cast iron legs. End zone highlights include underlit red plexi-glass triangles for perfect cup placement. Stack up the 12-packs and host a tournament, bro. (source)

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Board Game Remix Kit at
Board Game Remix Kit

In the day & age when you can get a full-bars wi-fi connection from Fiji to Mount Everest, literally, the idea of sitting around playing board games is kitsch nostalgia. But games like Scrabble & Monopoly get you interacting face to face with other human beings. Fresh, right? The Board Game Remix kit rewrites the rules to the classic games collecting dust in your closet, introduces some new games and teaches you how to improvise when you’re missing pieces. Old just became new.

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Industrial Edition Playing Cards at
Industrial Edition Playing Cards

It would seem designer, Homer Liwag, created these industrial-strength playing cards for a dark sci-fi movie set in a casino or prison of the future. But, he made them for the real world. With thick card stock and the look of stamped military steel, you’ll think you’re betting to save the remains of the human race or some such futuristic weirdness.

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French Tournament Edition Backgammon & Chess Set at
French Tournament Edition Backgammon & Chess Set

Players of chess & backgammon take these traditional board games seriously. So too, does Restoration Hardware. Their handsome double game set in a mango wood & leather box includes leather dice cups and linen pouches to store the wooden game pieces. Classic and aged …  just like the games themselves.

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Good versus Evil Opus Foosball Table at
Good versus Evil Opus Foosball Table

The Scottish take their foos very seriously. That’s why Edinburgh-based, The Eleven Forty Company, has dedicated itself to producing the world’s finest hand-crafted foosball tables. Their latest creation pits good against evil. The good team features players like Gandhi, Mother Theresa & Santa Claus, while the bad team has Lucifer, Pol Pot & Hitler. That raises the stakes a bit doesn’t it?

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Portable Beer Pong Table at
Portable Beer Pong Table

When a Beer Pong professional league is finally established, all the pros will remember the good old days – when they brought their own tables around to informal tournaments and played for the love of the game. If you’re one of these pros in training, better get on your game now. The portable Go Pong table folds out to 8-feet and features a waterproof surface & sturdy aluminum frame. Carry this into the next party and fools will know you are headed to the major leagues.

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Sailor Jerry Playing Cards at
Sailor Jerry Playing Cards

Sailor Jerry was the godfather of classic tattoo styling. Over the past 60 years, his artwork has been copied, co-opted and made it’s way permanently onto the skin of millions. His art can also be found on shirts, shoes, rum bottles and now, a set of playing cards. This official set of cards features classic flash art with a vintage patina for that old time flavor.

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The G-1 Glass Top Pool Table at
The G-1 Glass Top Pool Table

Didn’t Wonder Woman have one of these in her ice castle? Okay, maybe not. With this ultramodern design of glass & metal, it could be from the future. In actuality, the G1 glass top pool table comes from Australia-based, Nottage Design. Maybe you’re wondering how the balls will play on this top? The glass is coated with a material called Vitrik for a familiar (and quiet) felt-top feel.

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