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Kohler Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker at
Kohler Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker

She’ll be happy to drown out the painful sound of your shower singing with this blue-tooth powered showerhead speaker. And if you persist after the water is off, she’ll remind you that you can remove the speaker from the head and place it on the vanity while you sing and shave.

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Wall Clamps at
Wall Clamps

Complete that “heritage industrial” look in your work or living space with these cast iron and beech wood Wall Clamps by L.A.-based designer Brendan Ravenhill. Mount them to the wall through the holes in the back and tighten the screws into the shelf material of your choice.

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Utility Shower Curtain at
Utility Shower Curtain

The life of a shower curtain is dull. Hang out until eventually you start growing mold. Boring. This shower curtain from Brooklyn New York’s Wintercheck Factory is a little more lively. It will hold your shampoo, bodywash, razor, loofah, whatever you use in the shower. It has pockets. Made of Oxford Nylon and available in 5 colors.

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Kohler DTV Prompt Showering System at
Kohler DTV Prompt Showering System

First there was soap-on-a-rope, then the Splash shower radio. Now people who shower have one more reason to be stoked when wet and naked. Kohler’s digital showering system allows for precise control to keep your shower at the perfect temp. There’s a warm-up mode and even a pause button to stop the flow, while you later up with your soap-on-the-rope.

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Formula 1 Grand Prix Posters at
Formula 1 Grand Prix Posters

If you follow F-1 racing, you know the season kicked off last week in Australia. Right now they’re racing in China, and next week it’s Turkey. For this global series, Artist PJ Tierney has designed a series of high impact graphic posters for each stop on the tour. These are A2 size, high-quality digital prints hand-signed by the artist. Going fast.

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iRobot Scooba 230 at
iRobot Scooba 230

Why put yourself through the trauma of cleaning the bathroom floor? Instead of ruining a perfectly good Saturday morning with rubber gloves and Hazmat gear, why not do what the military bomb squads do? Send in the robot to neutralize the threat. This compact, robotic floor scrubber cleans even the tightest and grossest nooks—like behind the toilet. Using fresh cleaner as it goes, this little device eliminates 97% of common household bacteria.

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Bathmag Toilet Paper Holder at
Bathmag Toilet Paper Holder

We’re men. We read on the can & never remember to change the roll. Honestly, I couldn’t believe a product of such toilet-gracing perfection actually existed. I can hear the “hallelujah!”

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Scary Shower Curtain at
Scary Shower Curtain

Probably not the most stylish bathroom decor, but it will keep undesirables out of your throne room. Urban Outfitter’s Scary Shower Curtain includes 12 plastic hooks for hanging – next time you want to clear out the joint, hang this one up & come running like you just saw Roseanne Barr on the can. It’ll work every time.

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Power Drill Hand Towels at
Power Drill Hand Towels

For you, your shirt may be enough – your guests however may prefer to wipe their hands on something more civilized. Keep the man-space alive with Power Drill Hand Towels. Set of two, 100% cotton – durable, absorbent & awesome.

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Turkish Bath Towel at
Turkish Bath Towel

Bring a 16th century ritual to your bath. This is the real deal. Called a peshtemal, this 100% cotton, over-sized towel is traditionally used in Turkey’s bath houses. Large enough to wrap around your entire body – it dries almost as quickly as it absorbs.

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