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iRobot Scooba 230 at
iRobot Scooba 230

Why put yourself through the trauma of cleaning the bathroom floor? Instead of ruining a perfectly good Saturday morning with rubber gloves and Hazmat gear, why not do what the military bomb squads do? Send in the robot to neutralize the threat. This compact, robotic floor scrubber cleans even the tightest and grossest nooks—like behind the toilet. Using fresh cleaner as it goes, this little device eliminates 97% of common household bacteria.

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Bathmag Toilet Paper Holder at
Bathmag Toilet Paper Holder

We’re men. We read on the can & never remember to change the roll. Honestly, I couldn’t believe a product of such toilet-gracing perfection actually existed. I can hear the “hallelujah!”

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Scary Shower Curtain at
Scary Shower Curtain

Probably not the most stylish bathroom decor, but it will keep undesirables out of your throne room. Urban Outfitter’s Scary Shower Curtain includes 12 plastic hooks for hanging – next time you want to clear out the joint, hang this one up & come running like you just saw Roseanne Barr on the can. It’ll work every time.

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Power Drill Hand Towels at
Power Drill Hand Towels

For you, your shirt may be enough – your guests however may prefer to wipe their hands on something more civilized. Keep the man-space alive with Power Drill Hand Towels. Set of two, 100% cotton – durable, absorbent & awesome.

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Turkish Bath Towel at
Turkish Bath Towel

Bring a 16th century ritual to your bath. This is the real deal. Called a peshtemal, this 100% cotton, over-sized towel is traditionally used in Turkey’s bath houses. Large enough to wrap around your entire body – it dries almost as quickly as it absorbs.

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simplehuman Shampoo And Soap Dispensers at
simplehuman Shampoo And Soap Dispensers

Clean-up your shower. Available in single, double or triple configs, simplehuman’s Shampoo & Soap Dispensers stick to the shower wall with no screws involved. Simply use the included silicone glue and adhesive strips to harness your inner OCD.

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Pale Ale Urinal at
Pale Ale Urinal

No more is your bathroom all function – with the Pale Ale Urinal it may soon be a home highlight.  Part art, part comedy, a galvanized steel bucket sits atop a pedestal offered in a variety of materials. Go with the solid walnut if you really want to class things up.

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