Shower Like You Mean It, With a Sudski at

    Shower Like You Mean It, With a Sudski

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    Two inevitables: needing to shower & needing a beer. With a Sudski, you can combine the two to keep the buzz buzzing while you clean up your act. It mounts with no suction cups, adhesives or hardware, and it won’t leave any residue behind. The silicone Sudksi securely grips to glossy surfaces like glass, mirror, marble, metal, shiny tiles, and laminate, using a patented technology.

    Autowater Turns Any Faucet Into a Touchless Faucet at

    Autowater Turns Any Faucet Into a Touchless Faucet

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    Autowater is the world’s first smart touchless faucet adapter. It can turn any household tap into an automatic touchless faucet to prevent the spread of germs as well as saving water. No need to call a plumber, the Autowater units click into place with no tools or set-up needed. There are two models available, one for kitchen faucets and one for bathrooms.

    Kohler Real Rain at

    Kohler Real Rain

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    To bring the feeling of real rain into the shower, the team at Kohler studied all the elements of a natural rain shower, from the varying sizes of the raindrops to the angles at which they fall and used their finding to guide the design of the Real Rain showerhead. 775 concave nozzles start the storm off slowly and then build—a pitter patter of drops that swells into a warm summer storm. There’s an on-demand Deluge feature that unleashes the full force of the gravity-fed water as well a 6-inch dry area if you prefer to keep your face out of the deluge.

    Alessi Buckle Tube Squeezer at

    Alessi Buckle Tube Squeezer

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    The chrome-plated Buckle Tube Squeezer is an elegant little device to handle the annoying task of extracting the last bits of whatever from the tube—toothpaste, cosmetic products,  & even fancy French mustard. Simple yet very effective & created for Alessi by the European design duo of Gabriele Chiave & Lorenza Bozzoli.

    Slope Soap Holder at Slope Soap Holder at

    Slope Soap Holder

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    Instead of a slimy swamp of half-dissolved soap that most soap dishes create, this slanted concrete soap holder prolongs the life of your bath & body bar by allowing it to drain away excess water. Available in gray, white or charcoal.

    Nebia Showerhead at

    Nebia Showerhead

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    The Nebia showerhead is designed to feel just as good as the outdated, water-wasting showerhead you stood under this morning. The difference: Nebia uses 70% less water. Designers used aerospace engineering technology to create the water-saving nozzles, which atomize water droplets to have 10-times more surface area than a regular shower.