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The Doubleback at
The Doubleback

Due to a stupid import tariff known as the “chicken tax”, the newest VW camper van you can get in the U.S. is a 2003. If you’re lucky enough to find one this incredible slide-out camper conversion unit called the Doubleback will expand your Transporter into a full-fledged RV. Source

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Moby1 Expedition Trailers at
Moby1 Expedition Trailers

Back in the 50s the teardrop trailer was a popular, low budget camper you could pull behind almost any car. The two-wheel teardrop design slid into obscurity as the massive Winnebago era took hold. Now that “smaller” is cool again, the teardrop is back, totally updated but just as light, compact and towable. Moby1′s various models are fully kitted modern campers that will take you and your 2.5 kids anywhere you wanna go.

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Dub-Box Camper at
Dub-Box Camper

What red-blooded, used-to-smoke-a-little-pot, college-kid-at-heart dude isn’t charmed by an old Volkswagen camper bus? It is the original hippy-hotel on wheels. The thing is, driving one on the freeway is risking certain death. The Dub Box solves this dilemma. By turning the fun end of a VW bus into a plush, custom trailer, they allow you to hit the road with your own little compact pop-top VW camper in tow while still driving a vehicle with safety features like airbags and anti-lock brakes.

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SylvanSport GO at
SylvanSport GO

If outdoor weekend adventures are your lifeblood the GO camper will get it pumping. At only 840 pounds, it’s a super lightweight mobile trailer that will carry all your cargo from kayaks to bikes to boards and more, plus it converts into a pop-up, soft-sided camper with sleeping space for four.

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Space Trailer at
Space Trailer

Super lightweight and versatile, this compact tow-trailer lets you bring everything you want on the road. Even if you drive a Mini, you’ll be able to drag along all your toys: bikes, boards, camping gear, luggage & more. The unique modular design lets you pop the top off for uncovered cargo like a motorcycle or mother-in-law. You know, the big stuff. Payload is up to 1000 pounds, so no need to pack light.

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2011 Eddie Bauer Airstream at
2011 Eddie Bauer Airstream

Few brands can lay claim to a true classic legacy. As American as mom’s apple pie, Eddie Bauer and Airstream are exceptional brands that have stood the test of time with simple style. The two have now combined forces to create a special edition 25’ Airstream camper outfitted for sporty, rugged adventures from sea to shining sea.

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The Cricket Trailer at
The Cricket Trailer

Light enough to be towed by a Subaru Forester, the Cricket trailer is a car-camper’s dream. Actually, it’s the realized dream of NASA “space architect”, Garrett Finney, who wanted to make a light, comfortable camper for his family. With an airy pop-top and cool features like a stove & shower – it’s like your own little space shuttle.

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Jeep x Mopar Off-Road Camper Trailer at
Jeep x Mopar Off-Road Camper Trailer

It’s not really camping when you’re surrounded by Winnebago-washing retirees in a giant parking lot called an RV Resort. Jeep comes correct with their Extreme Trail Edition camper so you can get away from it all. It’s got a heavy duty frame, 35-inch BF Goodrich Mud Terrain tires, 15 inches of ground clearance, a full under-body skid plate, and high mounted fenders. Make your getaway a real escape.

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Silver Tears Campers at
Silver Tears Campers

Let’s have a moment of silence for the time when simplicity & practicality ruled the day – the 40s and 50s. Before mansions on wheels became popular, the Teardrop Camper was the preferred mode of packing it up and going “anywhere but here.” This Woodie incorporates all Silver Tear’s classic features – compact size, open rear galley, elegant interior finishes, recessed lighting & a slew of customizable options. If this photo transported you away from reality, at least for a few seconds, it’s time for a vacation.

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Campa ATT Trailer at
Campa ATT Trailer

This is not glamping. Campa’s ATT trailer is a complete survival package for rugged conditions. Designed for difficult terrain, this is the roving companion every hardcore explorer needs for their adventurous lifestyle. Take a little comfort with you – it’s ok, we won’t tell.

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