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Auto Gyro Cavalon at
Auto Gyro Cavalon

This slick little aircraft is just a helicopter, right? Actually, it’s not. It’s a gyroplane, which combines the propeller of a heli with a fixed-wing rotor in the tail. A centrifugal effect from the rotor makes for smooth, stable flights even in high winds. But here’s the key—in the event of engine failure, you can still perform a controlled landing. That’s way better than exploding on impact. This new model offers side-by-side seating, an upgrade from earlier in-line designs, giving the passenger a much better view.

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Classic Recreations Shelby GT500CR at
Classic Recreations Shelby GT500CR

The term “recreation” means this new custom Mustang Shelby GT500CR from Classic Recreations is not a kit car. Not just a bunch of tacked-on fiberglass panels, but actually built from a real ’67 or ’68 Mustang Fastback and painstakingly transformed into the beast you see here. It looks like the vintage whip on which it’s based, but under the hood, oh boy. An F1-R Supercharger is bolted to the nearly 800 horsepower V-8 Ford motor and that’s why the speedo goes up to 200 MPH.

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Jetlev R200 Flyer at
Jetlev R200 Flyer

Stop dreaming and start flying. The Jetlev is a jetpack made for personal flight. Yeah, just like George Jetson, but not a cartoon. Jetlev is real. Using the thrust of pressurized water, the pack carries the pilot through the air with ease. Don’t worry about how it works; it’s really complicated, but totally safe.

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FlyNano at

Ingredients: JetSki, bi-plane, ultralight, snowmobile, rollercoaster, boomerang. Add all ingredients into the blender and press pureé. Once the ingredients have blended, you’ve got a FlyNano. Pour it into the water and you can now go skimming along the surface before lifting off & flying away. No pilot’s license is needed, but health insurance is highly recommended.

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Unicat EX70 6×6 at
Unicat EX70 6×6

Here’s a vacation van for the Apocalypse. Really, this beast of a camper looks like it’s made for exploring the moon. It’s got a mile-long list of features blending the best of Winnebago comfort with HumVee gnarlitude. Espresso maker, check. All-wheel locking differentials, check. It’s a full-on camper with a kitchen, bathroom, shower, etc. Powered by a 500-horse diesel motor, this 6-wheeled monster will drive you in unparalleled comfort to the very ends of the earth. Literally.

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1970 Lancia Stratos HF ‘Zero’ Auction at
1970 Lancia Stratos HF ‘Zero’ Auction

This ultra-rare Lancia was probably one of your favorite Hot Wheels cars as a kid, but did you know it was a real car? The model on auction is a 1970 Lancia Stratos HF “Zero.” Design-wise, this car was the predecessor to the iconic Lamborghini Countach that emerged a year later; its wedge-body shape is ultra-low to the ground and get this … you get in by opening the windshield. It was fully restored in 2000, even getting back its original bronze color. What would you pay?

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Gullwing Panamericana 300 SL at
Gullwing Panamericana 300 SL

The Mercedes 300SL is among the most iconic cars ever made. An incredible winning streak in races throughout the 50s didn’t hurt the car’s legacy, but it was the gullwing doors that rewrote the book on auto design. This new reproduction by Texas-based custom builders, GWA, is based on the winning 1952 Panamerica car. Aside from the silhouette and period-correct looks, this car is all new. Its powered by a new V8 Benz engine, gearbox & drivetrain, and the body is made from aluminum. Classic style with modern reliability.

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Gateway Classic Steve McQueen Mustang at
Gateway Classic Steve McQueen Mustang

If you haven’t seen the definitive Steve McQueen flick Bullitt, go watch it now, then come back and check out this ’68 custom Mustang. Gateway Classics specialize in Mustangs. Their remake of the movie car includes a 450-horse small block Roush motor and a whole raft of updated & period-correct features.  This chase scene from the movie is one for the ages.

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Steve McQueen ‘Le Mans’ Porsche 911S Auction at
Steve McQueen ‘Le Mans’ Porsche 911S Auction

The “King Of Cool” Steve McQueen first drove the 1970 Porsche 911S in the opening scene of the iconic Hollywood racing epic Le Mans. He liked the car so much, he kept it after the movie wrapped up. Now, this original classic right out of McQueen’s stable, is going up for auction. This is about as close as you can get to buying “cool” and it’ll cost you.

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Lamborghini Aventador at
Lamborghini Aventador

Lamborghini makes monsters. Their latest creation, the 2012 Aventador LP700-4 is a perfect example. This beast has a breathtaking 691-horsepower V12 engine pushing the new Italian lowrider past 200-mph. And this new model is not merely a re-made Murcielago or Gallardo, the Aventador has been totally re-engineered. Among its most innovative features is the one-piece passenger cell made entirely of Boeing Aerospace carbon fiber composites. Yeah, this thing practically flies.

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