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Le Noise by Neil Young at
Le Noise by Neil Young

From the little we’ve heard of Neil Young’s forthcoming release entitled, Le Noise, the name fits. With the exception of a few acoustic tracks, its all electric…and all Neil. Belting out his heartfelt lyrics and jamming on that Les Paul, the solo release drops September 28th on CD, vinyl & iTunes. In a few months, Le Noise will release on Blu-ray and in a free app for iPhone & iPad. Neil may be old school – but he knows how to reach the people. Always has.

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Bob Dylan: Witmark Demos and Complete Mono Recordings at
Bob Dylan: Witmark Demos and Complete Mono Recordings

Going all the way back to the early 60s, the forthcoming release of Bob Dylan’s Witmark Demos and Complete Mono Recordings capture the young spirit of Dylan in his early days.  The Witmark Demos feature 47 songs with Dylan, his acoustic guitar and bits of harmonica & piano. The Mono Recordings are Dylan’s first eight albums heard as they were originally recorded. Available on both CD & vinyl LP – this is real, honest-to-goodness Bob Dylan.

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Interpol’s Self Titled LP at
Interpol’s Self Titled LP

If you haven’t downloaded the leaked new self-titled Interpol record, you may as well grab the official release -  it’s sure to sound better than the muddled torrent rip. Recorded at Jimi Hendrix’ legendary Electric Lady studio in New York, these indie rocker’s fourth record is more classic than the last—not Bright Lights classic, more orchestral classic. In the running for album of the year? You decide.

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Familial by Philip Selway at
Familial by Philip Selway

Phil Selway steps from behind his drumset as the timekeeper & backbeat of Radiohead for his upcoming solo release Familial. The quiet, acoustic record is described by Selway himself as “10 hushed folk songs in the tradition of Nick Drake.” Selway’s emotional subject matter links this album to the tradition of Radiohead and their songs of the heart & heartache. The album will drop August 30th.

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King Of The Beach by Wavves at
King Of The Beach by Wavves

San Diego’s lo-fi pop trio Wavves dole out surfy, snotty punk that, like their home city, is sunny, vapid & devoid of culture. But San Diego is fun and that’s what their forthcoming release, King Of The Beach is all about. Simple, unrefined musicianship is bolstered by tricky arrangements from producer, Dennis Herring, who most recently made Modest Mouse sound “talented.” The Wavves make a perfect summer soundtrack. Turn it up…drive fast.

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The Suburbs by Arcade Fire at
The Suburbs by Arcade Fire

Your dad had Bruce Springsteen with his scratchy voice, tumbledown lyrics and American Flag. Who knew he’d become a legend? Well…today we’ve got The Arcade Fire. Equally unassuming: scratchy voice, tumble-down lyrics and a Canadian flag. The vibe is hauntingly similar. Their third album The Suburbs should be every bit as raw and heartfelt as their last two records. If so, maybe these guys will still be on tour 25 years from now.

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Symphonicities by Sting at
Symphonicities by Sting

Sting’s current world tour featuring the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra is like nothing you’ve ever heard. And you’d be lucky to find a ticket at this point. Therefore, this tour-accompanying release titled Symphonicities is worth a listen for true Sting fans. The RPO takes classic Sting tracks and reinvents them with the power and beauty of an orchestra -  about 100 classical musicians, who turn them into colossal pieces of music much easier to hum along to than Stravinsky or Dvořák.

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EXPO ’86 by Wolf Parade at
EXPO ’86 by Wolf Parade

It’s so catchy the lyrics practically memorize themselves. Expo 86, the third studio release from Montreal synth-rock unit Wolf Parade drops today. The title refers to the 1986 Vancouver Expo and their hooky, melodramatic jams take listeners straight back down memory-lane to the 80s. Guitars, drum machines, keyboards – there’s something for everyone. Like their two previous records, lots of everything equals popularity…get it before everyone else does.

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Roadsongs by Derek Trucks Band at
Roadsongs by Derek Trucks Band

If you’re among the clueless, Derek Trucks is a guitar player who first gained notoriety by playing with the legendary Allman Brothers Band at age 12. The rest, as they say, is history. Currently, he fronts The Derek Trucks Band – putting on incredible live shows from coast to coast.  When it comes to the blues, hearing it live is the only way to go – on stage Trucks is at his virtuoso best. And…that is precisely why Columbia’s Legacy Recordings imprint is releasing the new live collection, Roadsongs. Captured in Chicago, at the height of their 2009 Already Free Tour, the release catches the man & his band in all their glory.

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Dark Night of the Soul by Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse at
Dark Night of the Soul by Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse

The story surrounding the collaboration of Danger Mouse, Sparklehorse & David Lynch is as twisted as a Twin Peaks episode. Originally planned was the release of Lynch’s 100-page photo book accompanied by musical composition. A record-label dispute released the book solo. In March 2010, Sparklehorse’s frontman, Mark Linous, was pronounced dead. With him, any hope of an album. To our surprise, on July 13th Dark Night of the Soul drops. Will it live up to its notorious past?

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