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Sorcerer at

This movie’s director was king of the 70s. After his work on two massive, game changing flicks – The French Connection and The Exorcist – William Friedkin got a huge budget to produce the action-suspense thriller, Sorcerer.  See what a couple million bucks worth of explosives looks like blowing up in the jungles of Central America.

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Badlands at

Badlands is a trip. It’s based on a true crime 50s murder spree and features Sissy Spacek & Martin Sheen. The award-winning film came out in 1973: a few years before Spacek starred in Carrie and Sheen starred in Apocalypse Now – two classic films that made them both famous Hollywood weirdos. Badlands was directed by Terrence Malick, the man behind The Thin Red Line, which was nominated for 7 Oscars. Heavy for sure.

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City of God at
City of God

Not far from the beautiful beaches & Brazilian bootys of Ipanema, lie the filthy, ultra-violent neighborhoods of Rio’s favelas. This 2002 award-winning film takes you into this web of gang crime, poverty & desperate violence. Based on a true story, it follows a young kid as he develops his artistic eye in this sordid world and documents his life in photos. Watching this one will make you think twice about visiting Rio when they host the Summer Olympics—or anytime, really. It’s gnar.

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Barton Fink at
Barton Fink

The tribulations of a writer in a Hollywood-noir of the early 1940s. John Turturro is Barton Fink, a New York playwright who finds himself in the dark and dangerous world of the movie biz. Part horror, part Coen Brothers surrealism, the film follows Fink’s struggle to write a wrestling movie in the drab confines of a hotel room. Bringing together Turturro, John Goodman, Michael Lerner & Steve Buscemi, the movie just gets weirder and weirder until …

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Run Lola Run at
Run Lola Run

This award-winning, 1998 thriller is German, but it’s sure not logical. Lola’s boyfriend, Manni is a small-time crook who loses 100,000 Deutsch marks on the train. This puts him in hot water with his boss. So, it’s up to Lola to run and save him, but she only has 20 minutes. In a dizzying series of what-ifs and spiraling possibilities, Lola runs, while her and Manni’s fate hangs in the balance.

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Falling Down at
Falling Down

Ever been sitting in traffic at a dead stop and felt yourself snapping? You know you have. You start thinking about smashing everything, taking people out. This fantasy comes to life on-screen in Falling Down. A stressed-out Michael Douglas cracks, steps out of his car & goes to town. As he walks through L.A. leaving a trail of damage, destruction and ironic quotables, he is pursued by retired cop, Robert Duvall.

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Halo Reach at
Halo Reach

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Frailty at

Though he’s no stranger to twisted flicks (like Twister and True Lies) Frailty marked the directorial debut for actor, Bill Paxton. In this psycho-thriller, Matthew McConaughey reveals to the FBI that his brother is the God’s Hands killer, who is ordered by his father (Paxton) to do the lord’s work and “destroy sinners.”  The plot totally thickens and involves an axe that is named Otis …

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Rounders at

This movie came out in ’98, before poker was cool again. Before most people played in front of their computers, in the dark, in their underwear. Okay, back to the movie. Matt Damon gets burned playing cards and tries to reform himself. Gets a girl. When his buddy, Worm, gets out of prison – he loses the girl. Then they go all in, playing and betting heavy trying to win enough cash to make good on Worm’s pre-prison debt. Guess what happens?

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Kalifornia at

You’ve gotta hand it to Brad Pitt, for being so pretty, he has sure played some ugly parts. In Kalifornia, he’s a white-trash criminal who gets in on a cross-country ride-share with a writer (David Duchovny) and his girlfriend. As they ride along, Pitt charms Duchovny with his brashness & bold violence. Their weird tour grows ever more tense, but what the rest of the crew doesn’t know (except Pitt’s girl, Juliette Lewis) is that he’s leaving a trail of bodies in their wake.

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