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Dexter: Seasons 1-4 DVD Box Set at
Dexter: Seasons 1-4 DVD Box Set

Showtime network has the sickest shows. And…the Dexter series is hands-down, the sickest. The multi-Emmy-nominated series about a crime scene scientist who is also a serial killer on his days off, may just be the best thing on TV. As well as…worth every extra penny on your cable bill. If you’ve missed anything so far, Seasons 1-4 DVD box set will get you up to speed. If you’re a die-hard, it’ll be a cherished collectible.

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Following at

You saw Memento – hard to follow, confusing, dark. It was the handywork of director, Christopher Nolan. Well, Following came first. If you like movies that test your mental and take you into the warped minds of others – you’ll like this one, too. A man obsessed with following strangers is led into a world even weirder than he hoped for.

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Barfly at

America’s greatest modern poet was a beer-drunk, lowbrow maniac named Charles Bukowski. He wrote the script for Barfly about himself. This 1987 cult-classic, featuring Mickey Rourke in the lead, is dark, humorous and tragic. It’s a series of sloppy bar room scenes and a passionate doomed-love hellride featuring a haggard Faye Dunaway in the role of Wanda, Rourke’s love interest/drinking partner. This movie will definitely make you want a drink…maybe two.

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Killing Zoe at
Killing Zoe

A bank robbery gone bad. Not quite Dog Day Afternoon, unless you add heroin, a hooker, buckets of booze & enough blood to drown Quentin Tarantino. This dark thriller from Director Roger Avary (who co-wrote Pulp Fiction and worked on True Romance & Reservoir Dogs) is a mess on purpose. Avary has actually been called a Tarantino rip-off, which isn’t really a bad thing when you get actors like Eric Stoltz and Julie Delpy in the mix.

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Clay Pigeons at
Clay Pigeons

Just when Vince Vaughn was hitting his stride, between Swingers and Zoolander, he was cast as serial-killer cowboy, Lester Long, in Clay Pigeons. It’s a dark comedy centering around a suicide witnessed by lead man Clay (Joaquin Phoenix ) and the ensuing investigation by FBI agent, Jeanine Garlofalo. Call it deranged-funny.

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King of New York at
King of New York

Christopher Walken plays the same character in every movie he’s in. Creepy, twitchy, that breathy voice. If you love him, you’ll love King Of New York. Abel Ferrara’s direction creates a dark and tony atmosphere for Walken, as a bigwig mafioso, just released from prison ready to reclaim his place in the mob hierarchy of the Rotten Apple. Alongside Steve Buscemi and Lawrence Fishburne, Walken creates one of the tensest scenes in mafia movie history. Watch this and you’ll be quoting it for days. Weeks maybe.

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The Aura at
The Aura

This dark crime slash psychological thriller from Argentina involves an epileptic taxidermist who thinks he can commit the perfect crime. Sounds crazy already, right? Well, it gets a lot weirder when the voices in his head start talking. Set in the shadowy forests of Patagonia, this final film from late director, Fabián Bielinsky, is surreal and absorbing…and just as haunting as when it was released in 2006.

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State of Grace at
State of Grace

Any movie with Sean Penn or Gary Oldman is worth watching. State Of Grace has them both. This neo-noir crime flick from 1990 has Penn as a reformed Irish mobster returning to his old Hell’s Kitchen gang as an undercover cop. He’s supposed to infiltrate the gang and take down the Flannery Brothers (Oldman and his movie brother, Ed Harris) before they make a deal with the Italian mob. Action and suspense ensue.

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Layer Cake at
Layer Cake

You probably saw Snatch. Remember, Brad Pitt, the Pikey? Well, Snatch producer Matthew Vaughan did this film, too. Anyway, if you’re down for those fast-paced British-accent flicks with a twisty plot, frenetic action and some heavy gunplay – you should go back and check out Layer Cake. The plot revolves around a drug deal gone bad. Watch what a million hits of ecstasy will make people do. It’s pretty crazy.

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El Mariachi at
El Mariachi

The debut film in Robert Rodriguez’s trilogy including Desperado and Once Upon A Time In Mexico, El Mariachi cost a mere $7000 to produce. While enjoying the suspenseful plot of a man who only wants to play his guitar, but finds trouble in every turn – keep asking yourself – how did he do it for under 10k?

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