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    Whip Up a Custom Batch of Heat with the Homemade Hot Sauce Kit at

    Whip Up a Custom Batch of Heat with the Homemade Hot Sauce Kit

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    Outfitted with everything you need to make a proper hot sauce at home, this kit from Chili Labs includes 2 uniquely formulated spice blends. Forager’s blend is made up of guajillo, chipotle, and pequin peppers & the Grove blend contains piri piri, anaheim, and habanero which create a yellow hot sauce. The kits also include 4 glass bottles with cork stoppers & tools: a mesh strainer & metal funnel.

    Infuse Your Meat with Sriracha Stix at

    Infuse Your Meat with Sriracha Stix

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    Sriracha goes with everything and with the new Sriracha Stix, it can now go directly into your meat & poultry while cooking adding that snap of heat & flavor from the inside out while it cooks. Four flavors are available: Classic, Butter Garlic, Teriyaki, and soon-to-be-named-by-fans, Blend X.

    Baked Crispy Cajun Chicken Wings at

    Baked Crispy Cajun Chicken Wings

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    Yes, you’ll need nachos, maybe some sliders, pizza & of course lots of ice-cold dad sodas but how about cooking up something new on Super Bowl Sunday? Like, Baked Crispy Cajun Chicken Wings with pineapple glaze. Sounds good & gourmet, right? Well, it is. And better yet, the recipe is pretty simple. Put on your apron & go for the Extra Point.

    Mini Tortilla Pizzas at

    Mini Tortilla Pizzas

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    With rare exceptions, we can pretty much all agree that any pizza is good pizza.  Mini tortilla pizza most certainly is. It’s finger-food size, so easy to hold in one hand with a beer in the other. Making them is easy, too. 4 ingredients are all you need: tortillas, sauce, cheese, & pepperoni. Wanna add something else?  Do it.

    Guacamole Breakfast Sandwich at

    Guacamole Breakfast Sandwich

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    You really shouldn’t need instructions or even the suggestion that adding guacamole to a breakfast sandwich can transform your morning meal. But here is our public service announcement nonetheless: Do it. Add guac. Click VIEW RECIPE for the whole spiel.

    Joe’s Kansas City Z-Man Kits at

    Joe’s Kansas City Z-Man Kits

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    Z-Man Kits bring the unmatched goodness of Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que right to your doorstep in complete packages that include all the ingredients you need to make an authentic Joe’s sandwich at home. Choose from brisket, pulled pork, or chicken. Each kit makes 8 man-size sandos.

    Newcastle Brown Ale Chili at

    Newcastle Brown Ale Chili

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    Generally speaking, homemade chili is pretty simple to make. All the ingredients go into one pot, add spices, and just let it do its thing. This recipe ups the ante with the addition of a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale, which is proven to give the flavor of chili a little extra snap.

    Chili Cheese Stromboli at

    Chili Cheese Stromboli

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    Creatively combining two certified superfoods: chili & pizza comes this recipe for Chili Cheese Stromboli. It’s basically a chili-filled pizza rolled up like a jelly-roll and baked to cheesy, gooey goodness.

    Beer Roasted Nuts at

    Beer Roasted Nuts

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    Beer. It truly does makes everything better. And if you’re having a few, you’ll need some snacks. We found an easy way for you to fortify that bowl of mixed nuts on the bar with some home-cooked craft and flavor: Coat them with a mixture of boiled molasses and your favorite ale & throw them in the oven to get glazed.

    Pizza Bombs at

    Pizza Bombs

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    With a name like this, what more do you need to know? Ok, specifics: Pizza Bombs are easy to make at home using simple ingredients: white bread, pepperoni, & mozz. Once you form your batch of bombs, you drop ’em into boiling oil, then serve with pizza sauce.

    Bourbon Molasses Wings at

    Bourbon Molasses Wings

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    The Superbowl came & went but food blogger & father Matt Robinson is always creating new ways to make real food for real men. His bourbon molasses wings are but one example of his many savory, homegrown recipes that employ fresh ingredients and simple strategies for making great meals & snacks, no matter who’s playing on Sunday.

    Sriracha Packets at

    Sriracha Packets

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    If you ever packed the family-size bottle into your luggage for vacation or carried it in your backpack far into the wilderness, you’re ready for the latest offering from the King Of All Hot Sauces: Sriracha in packets. 5 grams per packet & available in 50 or 200 pack boxes; exactly what your food requires, everywhere, all the time.

    Three Jerks Jerky Delivery at

    Three Jerks Jerky Delivery

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    Three Jerks Jerky delivery service will send you 3 bags of gourmet filet mignon jerky every month. You pick the flavors: Maple Bourbon churro, chipotle adobo, hamburger, & Memphis BBQ. All the jerky is gluten-free & nitrate-free with no artificial ingredients.

    Maker’s Mark Bourbon Chocolates at

    Maker’s Mark Bourbon Chocolates

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    Maker’s Mark doesn’t just want you to drink the bourbon, they want you to eat it, too.  Their 16oz box of Bourbon Chocolates feature dark chocolate with a bourbon infused center. Contains 32 pieces.

    Fleishers DIY Jerky Kit at

    Fleishers DIY Jerky Kit

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    Fleisher’s Home Jerky Making Kit includes everything you need to make your own paleo snacks in your home oven, all you need to provide is the meat. The kit includes two non-stick drying screens, two spice blends (classic and Mexican), one cork oven door stopper, and a pamphlet with all the instructions to make jerky with one pound of beef.