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    Bartender’s Knife at

    Bartender’s Knife

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    With a versatile design that allows you to peel, slice, and pick your cocktail ingredients, the Bartender’s Knife from Brooklyn-based W&P Design features a hardwood handle and a high quality forged steel blade. Every knife comes with a fine grain sharpening stone for maintaining a razor sharp blade.

    Fizzics Beer System at

    Fizzics Beer System

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    This home beer system turns any beer—bottled, canned, growlered—into a heady, keg-style beer you can enjoy at home. It uses a patented fluid & gas technology with a vacuum-sealed base unit to pressurize your beer without the need for replacement CO2 cartridges: just easy-pouring draft beer anytime you want one.

    The California Pint at

    The California Pint

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    Portland, Oregon-based North Drinkware has added a new peak to their mountain-inspired pint glass offerings. Made of handblown, lead-free glass, the California pint features a topographically accurate mold of Yosemite’s Half Dome in the base. North also offers pints featuring Oregon’s Mount Hood & Washington’s Mount Rainier.

    GrowlerWerks uKeg at

    GrowlerWerks uKeg

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    GrowlerWerks’ premium mini-keg uKeg growlers use C02 to keep your beer fresh & properly carbonated for weeks. They feature a double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel design & brass hardware, including a tap dispenser. Available in 64 & 128oz sizes & stainless or copper-plated finish.

    Sommi Wine Cellars Credenza at

    Sommi Wine Cellars Credenza

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    Made with the highest quality materials, like hand-forged metals & locally-sourced wood from the Pacific Northwest, the made-to-order Sommi Credenza is the perfect wine cellar choice for a small space with a unique design that stores over 70 of your most treasured wines. Don’t let the rustic look fool you, temperature & humidity are controlled by a whisper-quiet CellarPro 1800XT cooling system with digital display.

    Hide & Drink Pint Sleeve at

    Hide & Drink Pint Sleeve

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    That frosty pint will stay a bit cooler—and look a bit cooler too—without your hot hands wrapped around it. Slide on a handmade leather Pint Sleeve from Hide & Drink, and turn any standard pint glass into a mug.

    MiniBrew at


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    MiniBrew is the world’s first all in one, small batch beer brewing machine. Without the faintest knowledge of brewing, this table-top fully-automated brewing system includes everything you need to make 5-liters of beer in just a week. Actually, the machine makes the beer, you just follow a few easy steps, then drink it.

    Opal Nugget Ice Machine at

    Opal Nugget Ice Machine

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    Chewable nugget ice. At home. Soon. Currently in pre-order status, the countertop Opal Ice Machine is a sleek, simple touch control ice-maker that creates consistently perfect nugget ice. The clear, convenient bin holds 3-pounds of this soft, bite-size ice that cools drinks faster & absorbs flavor better. Chomping on it is also easier on your teeth.

    Zig Zag Corkscrew at

    Zig Zag Corkscrew

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    Built using the original steel press from the 1920’s, the Zig Zag Corkscrew is a new, nickel-plated steel replica of France’s iconic expanding corkscrew. It makes opening wine so quick & easy, you’ll be feeling Parisian before you know it.

    OKA Tumbler at

    OKA Tumbler

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    Handmade in England from the same natural oak used for whiskey barrels, the OKA tumbler is a tumbler that reveals the true flavors of your whiskey by pouring it back into oak. A funded Kickstarter.

    Discommon Goods Bottle Opener at

    Discommon Goods Bottle Opener

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    We think that any device that opens beers in one, quick little pop should be called a piece of “functional art” but the creators of the Discommon Goods Bottle Opener were serious. California-made and machined from a chunk of aerospace aluminum, this bottle opener looks as good as it works.

    Sempli Monti Beer Glasses at

    Sempli Monti Beer Glasses

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    It turns out that refined Italian design and beer go pretty good together. Proof: this collection of beer glasses from Sempli & designer Daniele Semerano. Each of the four glasses was specifically designed for IPA, Pilsner, Pint or 12-ounce bottles.

    Campagnolo Big Corkscrew at

    Campagnolo Big Corkscrew

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    Italian cycling brand Campagnolo knows a thing or two about mechanical advantage. Created by the company’s founder in 1966, the oversized Big Corkscrew applies decades of Italian engineering & design wizardry to the popping of bottles.

    Hank The Beer Tank at

    Hank The Beer Tank

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    Hank The Beer Tank gives you fresh, ice-cold draft beer at home & anywhere else you might need to pull a few pints. At half the size of a normal kegerator, it features a compressor chiller that needs no ice or water, and Hank is capable of running on power from your car lighter. It will dominate tailgate season, every season.