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    The LowBall 2: a Modern Tumbler For Your Oldest Whisky at

    The LowBall 2: a Modern Tumbler For Your Oldest Whisky

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    A radical departure from traditional snifters, the Lowball 2 has a more futuristic flair. Each tumbler is milled from aerospace grade aluminum and features machined textural details on the exterior. The interior of the tumbler is also painstakingly milled into a perfect whisky hourglass snifter silhouette.

    Growler Chill Home Tap at

    Growler Chill Home Tap

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    The Growler Chill is a countertop tap system that delivers a proper draft beer experience straight from your craft growler of choice. It keeps up to 3 growlers cold, pressurized, & fresher longer. There’s also a companion app that allows you to remotely control temp, track the amount of beer left in each growler, track CO2 levels, and notify you when you need to clean it.

    G-Clamp Bottle Opener at

    G-Clamp Bottle Opener

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    Tighten it down to virtually any horizontal surface & you’re ready to pop bottles. The G-Clamp is made of heavy duty cast iron and features foam padding on the clamp ends to protect your table, counter, or whatever you screw it to.

    RBT Barware Collection at

    RBT Barware Collection

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    Highlighted by sophisticated minimalist design and a duotone black & gold palette, the RBT barware collection includes what every holiday host needs: a cocktail shaker, a glass decanter, an insulated beer growler, and several corkscrews, all made with premium quality materials like cast zinc, stainless steel, & Acacia wood.

    Norlan Whisky Glass at

    Norlan Whisky Glass

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    Made of hand-blown borosilicate glass, the Norlan Whisky Glass is a uniquely artistic double-walled tumbler. A striking effect of the hollow body design is an enhancement in the intensity of color of whatever you ‘re drinking. The shape of the glass inner wall also aids in aeration and aroma focus.

    Ethan+Ashe Alkemista Alcohol Infusion Vessel at

    Ethan+Ashe Alkemista Alcohol Infusion Vessel

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    The Alkemista is a home infusion vessel for turning normal, everyday old booze into custom-crafted spirits. The design merges the look of a classic 750ml spirits bottle with the simplicity of Japanese teapots. Inside there’s an ultra-fine filter that eliminates the need for separate funnels & other bottles, making it easier to extract maximum flavor from fresh fruits, spices, and botanicals for flavoring your liquor. A funded Kickstarter.

    YETI Brick Bottle Opener at

    YETI Brick Bottle Opener

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    Every product from YETI is built with durability in mind. At nearly ¾ of a pound, the Brick Bottle Opener is a slab of solid steel that will be popping tops for generations to come.

    Hopsy HomeTap at

    Hopsy HomeTap

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    With Hopsy, you can have it all: choose fine craft beers for home delivery and keep them fresh on draft with their HomeTap system—a countertop Krups mini kegerator that holds 2-liter canisters of your brew. Return your empties for credit & refill. Breweries include: Alameda Island, Hermitage, Black Diamond, Bison, & many more.

    Moscow Copper Company Mule Mugs at

    Moscow Copper Company Mule Mugs

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    A proper Moscow Mule is always served in copper. Here’s why: the drink was developed in 1941 by Sophie Berezinski, a Russian immigrant whose father owned a copper factory. She mixed a mean drink & she had dad’s product to sell. The rest is history. 75 years later & the Moscow Copper Co. is still making those high quality copper mugs.

    VESSI Beer Fermentor and Dispenser at

    VESSI Beer Fermentor and Dispenser

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    Developed by a team of Whirlpool employees who also happen to be beer enthusiasts, the brand’s new VESSI home beermaking machine handles the cold side of brewing & makes beer in just 7 days with no experience or expertise required. You do have to cook the grains & infuse the hops on your stove but from there, this self-contained system does the rest. One week later, ice cold beer straight from the tap.

    Bartender’s Knife at

    Bartender’s Knife

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    With a versatile design that allows you to peel, slice, and pick your cocktail ingredients, the Bartender’s Knife from Brooklyn-based W&P Design features a hardwood handle and a high quality forged steel blade. Every knife comes with a fine grain sharpening stone for maintaining a razor sharp blade.