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Bay Rum Men’s Shaving Set at
Bay Rum Men’s Shaving Set

Your love of the vintage-heritage-retro look doesn’t have to end at the haberdashers. This men’s shaving kit from Bay Rum will take your face back in time, too. Soap, lotion and shaving lather with the classic spice of Bay Rum give your skin a zesty blast from the past.

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Wild Man Beard Conditioner at
Wild Man Beard Conditioner

There’s a pretty obvious irony here. A beauty product for the ultimate symbol of manliness, the beard? C’mon … Like, if you’re too lazy to shave are you really going to anoint your beard with oil to make it shiny and soft? Hold that thought. Before she orders you to shave it off, you might humor her by giving this all-natural beard sauce (made with essential oils) a try. You never know, she might let you keep it after all, big guy.

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Remington Touch Control Beard and Stubble Trimmer at
Remington Touch Control Beard and Stubble Trimmer

You probably have a “friend” who could use this trimmer on his back. Or to trim Nature’s Turtleneck (that fringe of curlies growing up out of his collar.) Be sure to tell your friend this trimmer has an LED control screen offering 175 trim length options.

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The Art of Shaving Power Shave Collection at
The Art of Shaving Power Shave Collection

We predict the beard craze will be toast by the holidays. Your girl told us so. Now would be a good time to drop a hint about this advanced shaving set from Power Razor. A built-in spotlight sheds light on your shadow and an indicator lets you know when its time for a new blade.

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Men’s Shave Set in a Cigar Box at
Men’s Shave Set in a Cigar Box

Bright green gel and a vibrating 5-blade razor? How far we have fallen, gentlemen. Grow back some of your manhood with a real man’s shave. Texas-based Dirty Deeds Soaps makes classic shave kits that include natural beer-soap lather, boar bristle brushes, and other shaving essentials all packaged in up-cycled wooden cigar boxes.

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Travel Razor Merkur at
Travel Razor Merkur

Not 4 blades, not 3. Amazingly, just one. This compact little razor has been working miracles on scruffy travelers since 1931, so it should do the trick for you. Made of chrome-plated nickel & brass, it disassembles into 3 pieces and fits snugly into its own little leather carrying case. Look sharp.

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Dominica Bay Rum Aftershave at
Dominica Bay Rum Aftershave

In the days when a real shave meant a trip to the barbershop and offering your neck up to the straight-edge razor, Bay Rum is the stuff they slapped you across the face with afterwards. Sure, it helped stop the bleeding a bit but, more importantly it soothed and cooled a freshly shorn face. If you’re a man who appreciates that zesty snap in an aftershave, rejoice, this old stuff is still available in its original formula. Slap yourself with it.

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Mammoth Straight Razor at
Mammoth Straight Razor

There is definitely an art to shaving with a straight razor.  But, in the case of this razor from Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons, the tool itself is the work of art. With a handle made of prehistoric woolly mammoth bone, these made-to-order straight razors also feature a miniature photograph, which is seen through a Stanhope lens built into the sheath. Hopefully all these artistic features don’t distract you from the task of shaving yourself without cutting your own throat.

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Razorpit Blade Sharpener at
Razorpit Blade Sharpener

Second only to toilet paper, there is no bigger waste of money than buying razorblades. Use one once, throw it in the trash. At twenty bucks for five blades…that’s…well, you do the math. Or…re-use a blade & hamburger your face off. Those are the options even with the best, most expensive and futuristic blades you can find. But now there’s a solution. Get 150 shaves out of one blade with the Razorpit.

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Bigelow Premium Shave Cream at
Bigelow Premium Shave Cream

We all want a closer shave, but who has the cojones to take a straight razor to their own face? Enter Bigelow Chemists, a traditional apothecary specializing in fine toiletries. Their Premium Shave Cream is a traditional Italian formula that will tame your stubble and leave you feeling fresh (the Eucalyptus oil) without ever risking a nick that could land you in the hospital.

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