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Kung Fu Sutra Condoms at
Kung Fu Sutra Condoms

Start the New Year off with a kick! Put some kung fu in your coitus with these luxuriously sheer condoms from “OOO” Boutique. You’ll both enjoy the unique package guaranteed to stimulate conversation, while the FDA approval puts your mind at ease knowing your weaponry is protected.

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Best Made First Aid Kit at
Best Made First Aid Kit

Nobody ever wants to rush for the med kit. But it’s a lot worse to go hunting for it, while a geyser of blood is shooting out of your fingertip. Mount this OSHA-approved unit on the wall and the big red cross will remind you where to run when something gross happens. Trauma pads, bandages, gloves, antiseptic – check.

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Toothbrush Subscription at
Toothbrush Subscription

As life gets more & more idiot-proof, the smarter we all feel. How about getting a new toothbrush delivered in the mail, on schedule every three months? Yup, one less thing to think about. What’s even wiser is that your new toothbrush is BPA-free and made of recycled yogurt cups. You can also drop the old one in with all your #5 recycling. You’ll be doing good and impressing your dentist, all without having to think.

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Grease Monkey Wipes at
Grease Monkey Wipes

Getting dirty is half the fun. But sometimes you end up spattered with paint or grime, grease or marker and you need to clean up your act quick. That’s when you’ll want one of these handy wipes in your toolbox, desk or glove box. The natural citrus formula is a heavy-duty cleaner, but without the harsh chemicals.

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Rapha Skincare at
Rapha Skincare
London-based cycling specialists, Rapha, know a thing or two about life on the road. Their line of performance skincare products protect you from the elements and repair your weather-beaten skin. Made with essential oils & natural ingredients (like shea butter and rosemary extract) their soap, chamois cream and warming embrocation will keep you rolling smooth for miles.
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Gessato Men’s Skin Care at
Gessato Men’s Skin Care

By the time you’ve read this sentence, you will be older, your skin a few seconds farther into wrinkledom. And unlike women, most men only think about skin care and worry over crow’s feet when it’s too late. Better get to work, fellas! Gessato makes luxury skin care products just for men, meaning they are simple, effective formulations that take into consideration our complete lack of understanding about such things.

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Mammoth Straight Razor at
Mammoth Straight Razor

There is definitely an art to shaving with a straight razor.  But, in the case of this razor from Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons, the tool itself is the work of art. With a handle made of prehistoric woolly mammoth bone, these made-to-order straight razors also feature a miniature photograph, which is seen through a Stanhope lens built into the sheath. Hopefully all these artistic features don’t distract you from the task of shaving yourself without cutting your own throat.

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Chapfix Men’s Lip Balm at
Chapfix Men’s Lip Balm

Ladies love skiers, surfers & mountainmen. They dig all kinds of outdoorsy jocks…but they draw the line at crispy lips. If you play outside in the sun, wind and water – you’ve gotta protect. With SPF 15, beeswax and coconut oil, Chapfix does the trick. The package is also very manly…going well with stubble.

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Razorpit Blade Sharpener at
Razorpit Blade Sharpener

Second only to toilet paper, there is no bigger waste of money than buying razorblades. Use one once, throw it in the trash. At twenty bucks for five blades…that’s…well, you do the math. Or…re-use a blade & hamburger your face off. Those are the options even with the best, most expensive and futuristic blades you can find. But now there’s a solution. Get 150 shaves out of one blade with the Razorpit.

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Bigelow Premium Shave Cream at
Bigelow Premium Shave Cream

We all want a closer shave, but who has the cojones to take a straight razor to their own face? Enter Bigelow Chemists, a traditional apothecary specializing in fine toiletries. Their Premium Shave Cream is a traditional Italian formula that will tame your stubble and leave you feeling fresh (the Eucalyptus oil) without ever risking a nick that could land you in the hospital.

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