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Adonit Folio for iPad at
Adonit Folio for iPad

If you’ve tried to use your iPad for actual work, you already know the beautifully backlit LCD screen pretty much sucks for typing. But dock your tablet to this Bluetooth modular keyboard and you’ll be back on task. It comes in a handsome folio that folds up snug, making your slim portable work machine look much more official for business.

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Transit Issue Nomad Journal at
Transit Issue Nomad Journal

If you’re moving to Seattle or just got dumped by your girl, one of these sleek journals with waterproof pages could be your new best friend. Cheer up. Designed & made in Germany, where they know all about rainy days, the Nomad journal helps your personal writing weather the storm.

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Cactus Director Ballpoint Pen at
Cactus Director Ballpoint Pen

Handcrafted by artisan-woodworker, Christopher Higdon, this unique pen – made from the wood of a prickly pear cactus – is more than just a fine writing instrument. There’s a complex process of preparing and treating the cactus skeleton to create this incredible natural pattern. It’s a conversation piece with a story that’s a lot more interesting than, “yeah, its real gold.”

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Block22 iPad Stand at
Block22 iPad Stand

Give yourself wood. Cradle your iPad at the perfect angle for watching video or reading in this unique wooden stand. The Ipê woodgrain is a bold, natural contrast to your iPad – but its not just handsome, it’s eco. The South American hardwood is FSC-certified from a sustainable, managed forest. Hand-rubbed satin finish with a wool felt bottom.

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Moleskine Covers for iPhone/iPad at
Moleskine Covers for iPhone/iPad

Hide your digital device in the familiar fold of a Moleskine notebook. With iPad and iPhone 3G-specific designs, you get the classic look of a rich leather cover with its rounded corners and elastic closure, plus a blank page notebook to write-on when you’re tired of typing & swiping.

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Sharpie Liquid Pencil at
Sharpie Liquid Pencil

Sharpie’s Liquid Pencil will go perfectly with that copy of 500 Impossible Sudoku Puzzles you got mom for her Bahamas cruise. If she screws up, it erases, just like a regular old pencil. But like dear old dad, there’s no lead left in this pencil anymore. Sharpie calls it “liquid graphite.”

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Field Notes at
Field Notes

If you remember things better by writing them down, give up typing little notes into your phone & get some notebooks from Field Notes. They really are more practical – plus, they’re durable, made in the U.S.A & come in cool colors. This little brand is the brainchild of Portland-based design powerhouse Aaron Draplin. The man does not mess around and neither should you.

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Recycled Keyboard Notebook at
Recycled Keyboard Notebook

Your box dies. You pick up a new one – with it, another keyboard. Your keys didn’t crash, your CPU did. But you upgrade anyway. We’re all keen on the recycle and reduce…but what about reuse? Save the board. 62 keys on the cover – 88 lined sheets inside for your musings. It’s geek & green all in one notebook.

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Recycled Beer Case Journals at
Recycled Beer Case Journals

Keep the weekend close at hand with the Corona Journal (other beverages available). Hand-crafted from recycled 12-pack boxes & containing 50 sheets of acid-free, blank, white, recycled paper. Ivy Lane Design is helping the environment, one case of beer at a time. Cheers.

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Sam’s Garage Bent Plywood Briefcase at
Sam’s Garage Bent Plywood Briefcase

This one has the 1950s all over it. Denver-based, Sam Mobley’s Bent Plywood Briefcase measures 18x15x6 with an interior capacity of 16x15x4. So raise a glass, light one up and relive mid-century modern.

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