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Hlaska Evergreen Billfold at
Hlaska Evergreen Billfold

The wood-grain emboss on this Italian leather wallet is from real wood. They could’ve used cheap, faux woodgrain, but no. Hlaska founder, NorCal-based designer, Anthony Mazzei, would not stand for faux. He demanded real wood grain patterns and matched them to all three colors: ebony, cedar & pine.

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Barrett Alley Wallets at
Barrett Alley Wallets

Just a place for your cash & cards? Yes … but there’s more. The Barrett Alley brand is making hand sewn, vegetable-tanned leather wallets that are smarter. Their choice leathers are American and tanned using natural processes eliminating industrial waste – vegetable tanning creates a supple hand & warm tones in the leather. The wallets are also hand-made by humans, craftspeople, artisans … is that progressive or what?

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William Wallet at
William Wallet

Flat is where it’s at. Brooklyn NYC is home to the Wintercheck factory, purveyors of the practical. The William wallet is one such design. Made of two stamped aluminum panels, the self-compressing wallet carries cards & cash in a flat, organized way. Simple and solid.

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Leffot The Fold Wallet at
Leffot The Fold Wallet

It can be hard to simplify your life. But take a first step. Slap down “The Fold”, a single piece of leather, designed for one purpose – carrying loot. Lay your cash on it & fold it up. Now you have a wallet. Don’t just stand there, stick it in your pocket and go spend.

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Hard Graft iPhone Fold Wallet at
Hard Graft iPhone Fold Wallet

Put this on the list if you don’t want to unwrap a man purse on Christmas morning. Hey, you have everything, it could happen. Made of leather & wool felt, this sharp little pocket-sized wallet carries your iPhone 4, plus cards & cash and it stays closed with a metal snap. You can’t pull off the man purse, but remember, right now you’re the only who knows that for sure.

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Timo Wallets at
Timo Wallets

Sweet graphics and a superslim profile make Timo wallets, from New York designer/scenester Timo Weiland, an obvious vehicle for your Visa card. Who needs some big slab of cowhide poking out of their pocket? With unique prints, artist collabs & the option to create your own original design – Timo’s are just cool, okay?

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Makr Vertical Pocket Wallet at
Makr Vertical Pocket Wallet

You carry a couple cards and occasionally some cash. This small, but crucial, cargo needs to be kept tight & secure. The Vertical Pocket Wallet from Makr Carry Goods does the trick in style. Their hand-crafted leather pieces are minimalist and classic. Made of Horween Chromexcel leather, this slim wallet carries cards & cash with a snap closure for easy access. Made in America.

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The Original Record Wallet at
The Original Record Wallet

These unisex wallets featuring classic album art will take you back to the days of Michael Jackson’s Thriller or Metallica’s Kill ’Em All. Hell, just carrying one of these wallets is a throwback to the old days when face-to-face transactions involving shopping in public and carrying paper money was in. Totally retro.

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Dosh Wallets at
Dosh Wallets

Anything carrying money should look it. Slim & compact, Dosh’s thermoplastic polyurethane billfold is both washable and flexible. Available in 2-configurations & a palette of colors – you will never settle for the brown staple again.

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Mighty Wallets at
Mighty Wallets

Why can’t your wallet make a statement? Mighty Wallet’s combination of graphic appeal, strength and recyclability commands attention. Unlike its leather counterparts, it’s almost impossible to damage (the wallet’s Tyvek material is also used for express mail envelopes). The build is unique – it expands to hold as much garbage as you can pile into it – George Castanza style.

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