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    TPT Titanium Pocket Tool at

    TPT Titanium Pocket Tool

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    All exceptional EDC is compact and offers function that exceeds expectations. The TPT looks capable of exactly that. It’s a keychain size multi-tool made of grade 5 Ti-Alloy that offers a universal wrench, a fork, a hex slot, bottle opener & more. A funded Kickstarter.

    SeatRack Interior Cargo Rack at

    SeatRack Interior Cargo Rack

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    Instead of stacking stuff on the roof, SeatRack mounts inside your SUV, allowing you to transport lumber, ladders, your surfboard, and all sorts of other long or cumbersome cargo. 2 brackets mount in your passenger & rear headrest slots, with adjustable posts to fit most vehicles. The cargo bars feature tie-down straps and hold up to 50 pounds.

    SOG Reactor at

    SOG Reactor

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    The Reactor multi-tool and folding knife features a total of 10 components including a pair of powerful pliers & a hardcased black coated blade, plus a bottle opener, flat & phillips screwdrivers, straight edge blade, bolt grip channel, & more.

    Fiskars IsoCore Hammers at

    Fiskars IsoCore Hammers

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    The traditional hammer, unchanged for centuries, now appears to be going the way of the dodo. With innovative designs like Fiskar’s IsoCore, the days of hands and arms numbed by the shock of impact are over. By applying surprisingly simple but critical principals of mechanical engineering that dampen and redirect vibration, this new hammer delivers four-times less shock than a wood-handled equivalent.

    Snickers Flexi Tool Backpack at

    Snickers Flexi Tool Backpack

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    If you’re going up the ladder or across that matrix of scaffolding, having your hands free is a really good idea. Ask OSHA. Snickers Workwear came up with a simple solution: they make tool bags & backpacks in a variety of sizes & configurations that will carry your tools & all offer comfortable, hands-free portability.

    Milwaukee M18 TrueView LED Stand Light at

    Milwaukee M18 TrueView LED Stand Light

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    The TrueView M18 extends up to 7-feet tall and features a rotating head that blasts out 850-lumens of LED light for up to 10-hours using your rechargeable M18 XC 5.0 battery pack. That’s enough light for projects in even the darkest recesses of your basement.

    Stiletto Titanium Hammers at

    Stiletto Titanium Hammers

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    Why use Titanium for a hammer? Because traditional steel ones send 10-times more shock up your arm with every strike. Stiletto’s pro-grade hammers feature Ti in the head & handle, which in addition to shock absorption, is also lighter & stronger. For durability, the face of the hammer is still steel & magnetic for easier nail starts.

    CRKT Niad at

    CRKT Niad

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    This knife was designed by world record-holding speed climber Hans Florine for maximum function with minimal weight. The simple, 2-piece design features a stainless blade seated in the knife frame to reduce bulk & a titanium handle with an integrated loop for hanging it from a ’biner.

    Best Made Possibilities Kit at

    Best Made Possibilities Kit

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    When a gum wrapper and a piece of shoelace won’t fix the airplane, maybe something inside the Best Made Possibilities Kit can. It includes a set of basic tools to give you MacGyver-like solutions to all kinds of tricky situations. It includes: 2 aviation cable key rings, an S-biner, a 3” D9 steel pry bar, flat head & Phillips-head screw keys, a waterproof delrin capsule, 2 runt clips, & 5 key maintenance rings.

    Tropical Teak Toolbox at

    Tropical Teak Toolbox

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    The Tropical Teak toolbox is handmade & hewn from 30-year-old sustainably harvested teak sourced from plantations in Nicaraqua. With dimensions of L18″ X W8″ X H10″ its lower compartment holds larger tools while the upper tray offer storage for nails, screws, and smaller items. Also available in walnut.

    Keychain Duct Tape at

    Keychain Duct Tape

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    Duct tape will save you. It’s been proven time and time again. But Keychain Duct Tape is a new & elegant way to integrate duct tape into your EDC. American-made from stainless steel or solid brass, this keychain dispenser holds a crucial 18″ of Gorilla tape or 24″ of gaffer’s tape.

    Bosse Ergonomic Shovel at

    Bosse Ergonomic Shovel

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    Shoveling sucks but with this professional grade shovel you’ll at least work smarter instead of harder. The key feature is Handle-It Technology: a 360º rotating grip that lets you dial in the perfect position for custom comfort. Four styles available: round point, square point, debris and snow.

    Stanley Satellite Rechargeable LED Work Light at

    Stanley Satellite Rechargeable LED Work Light

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    This rugged, LED work light from Stanley features three adjustable light panels around a central pivoting light head, allowing you to aim all 300 lumens right where you need the light. It also doubles as a charging port for phones & tablets. 6-hour battery life.

    DeWALT 40V Lithium Ion XR Brushless Chainsaw at DeWALT 40V Lithium Ion XR Brushless Chainsaw at

    DeWALT 40V Lithium Ion XR Brushless Chainsaw

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    It won’t have that screaming, whining slasher-flick sound but this cordless chainsaw will shred your wood. It’s powered by a brushless electric motor and a 40V Lithium Ion battery, giving you gas-like power without the noise. The 16” bar means you can cut through the big stuff.

    Nemo SPECIAL OPS Drill at

    Nemo SPECIAL OPS Drill

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    Painted stealth black with no logos and submersible to 100-feet, Nemo’s 18V, 1000-watt cordless drill is built for the extreme applications needed by military Special Ops (likely not this weekend’s Ikea purchase). It features a 13mm chuck, 6-hour battery, and dual LED illumination. 2 batteries and a charger plus a pressurizing pump for underwater work is included.