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    Homefront by Ken Onion at

    Homefront by Ken Onion

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    Developed by world-renowned knife craftsman Ken Onion, the Orion looks like a WWI classic but is a truly modern design featuring “Field Strip” technology which allows for quick, tool-free disassembly for cleaning & maintenance. Its 3.5” AUS stainless drop point blade is deployed with a bayonet lug-style flipper & the handles are made of aircraft aluminum.

    Craftsman Flex Claw Hammer at

    Craftsman Flex Claw Hammer

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    You could argue that the hammer is the original multi-tool. But Craftsman’s Flex Claw Hammer takes it a step further by adding a fully adjustable 4-position pry bar to the nail pull side of the hammer. It also features a dual-sided grip and magnetic nail starter on the strike face to keep your fingers out of harms way.

    Mini Gunmetal Mercator Knife at

    Mini Gunmetal Mercator Knife

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    The 3-inch fine carbon steel blade on the German-made Mini Mercator goes through a process called Hot Bluing, a type of forced oxidation that prevents rust and significantly increases the lifespan of your knife. It features an extremely thin design, making it a very functional EDC companion.

    2XL Pen by Spiffy Lab at

    2XL Pen by Spiffy Lab

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    This American-made aluminum pen is built for years of use. It’s heavy duty but weighs just 2 ounces and features a textured design for good grip. Great for use with gloves. It is refillable using G2 gel cartridges. Available in raw aluminum or Anodized black

    Spyderco SzaboHawk Hand Axe at

    Spyderco SzaboHawk Hand Axe

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    Designed by martial artist Laci Szabo, this 12” hand axe is made for urban tactical use and as a close combat weapon. You could probably also use it to chop up a bit of kindling for the campfire. It is constructed of hardened tool steel with a TiCN matte black finish.

    CRKT Trencher at

    CRKT Trencher

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    You might be surprised how handy a packable, heavy-duty shovel can be in the wilderness. Especially when one side of the 3-position shovel blade is a saw & the other is a root and wood-chopping beveled edge. With the Trencher you can cut, saw, pick, and dig your way out of all sorts of situations.

    Mini Q Knife & Key Carry at

    Mini Q Knife & Key Carry

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    Its lightweight, minimalist design keeps your keys organized & gives you a handy 2.33” drop point blade made of hardened stainless, all packed into a pocket-sized Titanium-body EDC. The Mini Q holds up to 8 keys and also features a removable pocket clip.

    Tie-Down Anchors at

    Tie-Down Anchors

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    The factory-installed tie-down loops in your pickup truck bed don’t give you many options for lashing down your cargo. Lee Valley has a solution. They make a clamp style tie-down anchor you can position anywhere you want. They clamp right on to the bed rail with jaws that open up to 1-3/4″ wide & 1″ deep, to fit most trucks as well as your trailer. via

    CRKT Fulcrum 2 at

    CRKT Fulcrum 2

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    Oregon-based CRKT Knives recruited knife designer Russ Kommer to create the sleek, carbon-handled Fulcrum 2. Its 3-inch blade features a Titanium Nitride finish & at just over 4-inches in length when closed, this locking folder is an ideal everyday pocket knife.

    Dremel Velocity Oscillating Multi-Tool at

    Dremel Velocity Oscillating Multi-Tool

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    You might need a big, burly Sawzall or other industrial cutting tool for the heavy work, but when it comes to the more detailed side of the remodel, Dremel’s new 7-amp Velocity VC60 oscillating multi-tool will get into the tight spots and cut quickly. Features like 2-position cutting head, locking control foot & vertical grip mean precision cuts in all kinds of material.

    mininch Wrenchit at

    mininch Wrenchit

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    A flat, lightweight design and interchangeable wrench heads that slide into position make this stainless steel multi-tool functional & super portable. It comes standard with metric heads from 7-13mm, spoke wrenches, and a bottle opener. A funded Kickstarter.

    FutureRelic Pocket Tool Keychain Wrench at

    FutureRelic Pocket Tool Keychain Wrench

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    Machined from a chunk of bronze, this America-made keychain wrench will tighten & loosen nuts & bolts in SAE sizes: 9/16″, 1/2″, 7/16″, 3/8″, 5/16″ & 1/4″ plus metric 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm & 11mm in addition to carrying your keys.

    Gerber Freescape Camp Saw at

    Gerber Freescape Camp Saw

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    With four pivot points that allow the saw to fold flat with the blade safely guarded, the Freescape Camp Saw will slide right into your backpack for easy portability & quick re-assembly to cut larger diameter wood. It uses a 12” blade and features a grippy padded handle.

    SOG MacV Tool at

    SOG MacV Tool

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    The skull-shaped MacV tool from SOG Knives is made of 3Cr13 stainless steel & features twelve components for performing a ton of tasks: tightening screws, sharpening a blade, cutting cord, pulling nails, opening beers, and more.

    Ridgid Stealth Force Impact Driver at

    Ridgid Stealth Force Impact Driver

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    Most impact drivers are painfully loud but by comparison, Ridgid’s 18-volt, 3-speed Stealth Force is practically silent; producing less than half the noise of its competitors while being twice as fast. The internal impact mechanism is housed in an oil bath, which reduces noise while running for 2 full hours on its 18V Lithium-Ion battery.