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Ryobi 18V JobPlus Multi-Tool at
Ryobi 18V JobPlus Multi-Tool

Some guys just call a contractor. Other guys save an amazing amount of money by doing the job themselves. If you fall into the latter, you might deserve Ryobi’s badass 18-Volt cordless multi-tool kit. A whole range of adapter heads snap on to this unit for chopping, drilling, cutting, sanding … get that DIY done right.

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Tiny Multi-use Tools at
Tiny Multi-use Tools

You’ve gotten pretty good at tackling big jobs with a small tool but these guys might have you beat. Kaufmann Mercantile makes a set of lightweight mini tools that all attach to your keychain. A pocket-sized pry bar, screwdrivers, and waterproof lighter are just a few of their small yet powerful instruments. California made.

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Mr Heater Hero Cordless Forced Air Heater at
Mr Heater Hero Cordless Forced Air Heater

If you need to get the barn hot enough to breed sheep, this compact, cordless propane heater will do the trick. Just remember the thing is burning propane at 35K BTUs, so never, ever bring it into the bedroom or other enclosed space where you’re trying to do the breeding thing.

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Gerber Gator Machete Pro at
Gerber Gator Machete Pro

Everywhere we look we signs of the coming apocalypse. War, famine, social unrest, shorter lines at Starbuck’s … And the seeds of fear are planted. Do you have a family escape plan? Plenty of water? Gerber’s got you covered though. Their Gator Machete is the only thing you need in your crisis kit. It’ll get you whatever you need. As seen in The Walking Dead.

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Craftsman Pass-thru Ratchet/Socket Set at
Craftsman Pass-thru Ratchet/Socket Set

When you don’t have the right tool, even simple chores, like changing the spark plug in the lawnmower can frustrate you to the point of self-facepunching. With a simple open-ended design, this set of Craftsman pass through sockets eliminates the need for deep sockets, and self-facepunching.

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iSlice Box Cutter at
iSlice Box Cutter

Street criminals have long relied on the trusty old box cutter for intimidating and/or slashing unsuspecting victims. But if someone approached you menacingly with this new ergonomic safety slicer you’d probably just slap them in the face and tell ’em to cut it out.

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Piranha Pocket Tool at
Piranha Pocket Tool

Piranhas are small and gnarly and have lots of teeth. Good name for this here pocket-tool. The little bastard’s got 10 features for hundreds of functions. Made of indestructible 420 stainless steel. Carry-on compliant unlike fish.

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Bosch 12V Max PS11 Angle Drill/Driver at
Bosch 12V Max PS11 Angle Drill/Driver

Anything that helps you improve your screwing and drilling is worth a look. The defining feature of this new cordless Bosch unit is its 5-position articulated head. From 90º to 180º, it bends where you need it to. Perfect for screwing in tight places. Sounds fun doesn’t it?

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Milwaukee M18 Cordless Caulk Gun at
Milwaukee M18 Cordless Caulk Gun

How good is your bead of caulk? If it’s rippled and lumpy, you should get some help. Milwaukee’s family of 18V cordless tools now includes a caulking gun that pumps out flawless money shots with 950lbs of force. The tool also has an anti-drip feature that keeps your dirty caulking jobs a little cleaner.

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Rockwell Trans4mer at
Rockwell Trans4mer

This saw is called the Trans4mer. Cool name, right? Imagine the delight of the poor bastard in marketing at Rockwell who spent months trying to figure out a catchy name for a cordless jigsaw that converts to reciprocating saw, when he finally came up with this one. How many beers do you think the dude drank after dropping this bomb of a name on the product managers? The answer is many. And if you don’t know what a reciprocating saw is, you don’t need one yet.

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