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Makita 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit at
Makita 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit

Whether you gotta drill, drive or just shed some light on the situation, this 12-volt cordless tool kit from Makita will do the dirty work. Powered by long-lasting Lithium-Ion batteries, the lightweight & powerful drill, impact wrench and flashlight  go anywhere and everywhere to silence a wide range of household hiccups.

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Super-Penetration Shovel at
Super-Penetration Shovel

We have to admit, any product whose name starts with “Super Penetration” is likely to catch our eye. Unfortunately, in this case it’s just a shovel. But a damn fine one. This tool goes in deep. All steel construction and a tapered, pointed blade means this thing will dig right into dense, hardpacked and clayey soil. You can even keep the blade edge sharp with a file for well … super penetration.

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The Crovel at
The Crovel

Tricky name: the Crovel is a cross between a crowbar and a shovel. But the name is not the cleverest thing about this heavy-duty multi-tool.  The crowbar end has a hammer face for persuasion and the handle is wrapped in paracord giving you 15’ of multipurpose line to help get you out of sticky situations. The shovel end features a serrated blade for hacking apart brush. Perfect for the off-road explorer.

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WD-40 Limited Military Collectible Series at
WD-40 Limited Military Collectible Series

Though you probably prefer the type of lube that’s cherry flavored or heats up, WD-40 is what you need for all the lube-jobs outside your bedroom. If you need to silence a squeak or loosen a rusty bolt, buy the can with the military artwork, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to military charities.

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Wrex Titanium Pocket Wrench at
Wrex Titanium Pocket Wrench

Do you bring a toolbox with you on trips? No, you don’t. But, if you’ve got an ultra-slim, featherweight titanium multi-tool like this, you should be covered. It’s got a trigger-lock adjustable wrench, titanium-coated blade, hexdrivers, bottle opener and wire strippers. The blade is also removable for clearing airport security.

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DeWalt Hand Tools at
DeWalt Hand Tools

After decades of domination in the power tool market, DeWalt is expanding into handtools. Their new, 100-product debut line includes stuff like hammers, pliers, saws, wrenches, toolboxes & more, all built for professional-grade results on the job site or at home. Tough & simple, these tools are built to perform with no electricity needed.

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CH Hanson Automatic Locking Pliers at
CH Hanson Automatic Locking Pliers

Second only perhaps to the persuasive powers of the trusty sledgehammer, locking pliers are a tool we can all agree on as “indispensible.”  Crusty, rusty nuts and hard to reach hexheads are no match for a pair of vise-grips.  And now C.H. Hanson Tools have updated the design, eliminating the adjustment knob on the handle. Now they automatically lock on to whatever you grip. Easier is better.

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Eton Red Cross Safety Hub at
Eton Red Cross Safety Hub

Your girl may already have plenty of junk in the trunk, but this is something you should stick in there anyway. When her car decides to die & strand her on the roadside, it’s always in some middle-of-nowhere hellhole. But with an Eton Safety Hub in the trunk, the situation is under control. This unit features a bright white LED flashlight, a red-flashing safety beacon, AM/FM/NOAA weather radio bands, AC power inputs for charging things like cell phones.

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Origin Laser Tools Cornerstone Classic at
Origin Laser Tools Cornerstone Classic

Five thousand bucks may seem like a lot to pay for a laser level, but not if you’re dropping $100K in exotic marble flooring for your home—or any other high dollar precision project. This self-leveling unit is an advanced three-plane line laser machined from aircraft aluminum, brass & surgical steel.  Its matrix of three laser beams creates pinpoint accuracy for measurements in all three dimensions. The kit includes the laser, tripod, targets, charger, etc.

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Milwaukee M18 Cordless Metal Saw at
Milwaukee M18 Cordless Metal Saw

Extreme grindcore bands and horror movie killers alike have used the metal saw for making all kinds of cuts. Imagine the slashing & thrashing you could do around the job-site with this cordless, pro-grade M18 model from Milwaukee Tools. Light and powerful, the M18 weighs just 5.8 lbs with battery life lasting for 200+ cuts. The 5-3/8” carbide-tipped blade will rip through angle iron, EMT, sheet metal, threaded rod, rebar and more. Go ahead & shred some metal.

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