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CH Hanson Automatic Locking Pliers at
CH Hanson Automatic Locking Pliers

Second only perhaps to the persuasive powers of the trusty sledgehammer, locking pliers are a tool we can all agree on as “indispensible.”  Crusty, rusty nuts and hard to reach hexheads are no match for a pair of vise-grips.  And now C.H. Hanson Tools have updated the design, eliminating the adjustment knob on the handle. Now they automatically lock on to whatever you grip. Easier is better.

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Eton Red Cross Safety Hub at
Eton Red Cross Safety Hub

Your girl may already have plenty of junk in the trunk, but this is something you should stick in there anyway. When her car decides to die & strand her on the roadside, it’s always in some middle-of-nowhere hellhole. But with an Eton Safety Hub in the trunk, the situation is under control. This unit features a bright white LED flashlight, a red-flashing safety beacon, AM/FM/NOAA weather radio bands, AC power inputs for charging things like cell phones.

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Origin Laser Tools Cornerstone Classic at
Origin Laser Tools Cornerstone Classic

Five thousand bucks may seem like a lot to pay for a laser level, but not if you’re dropping $100K in exotic marble flooring for your home—or any other high dollar precision project. This self-leveling unit is an advanced three-plane line laser machined from aircraft aluminum, brass & surgical steel.  Its matrix of three laser beams creates pinpoint accuracy for measurements in all three dimensions. The kit includes the laser, tripod, targets, charger, etc.

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Milwaukee M18 Cordless Metal Saw at
Milwaukee M18 Cordless Metal Saw

Extreme grindcore bands and horror movie killers alike have used the metal saw for making all kinds of cuts. Imagine the slashing & thrashing you could do around the job-site with this cordless, pro-grade M18 model from Milwaukee Tools. Light and powerful, the M18 weighs just 5.8 lbs with battery life lasting for 200+ cuts. The 5-3/8” carbide-tipped blade will rip through angle iron, EMT, sheet metal, threaded rod, rebar and more. Go ahead & shred some metal.

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Wenger Titanium Ueli Steck Knife at
Wenger Titanium Ueli Steck Knife

If you’ve heard of legendary Swiss climber Ueli Steck, you know that any tool bearing his name must be badass. If you don’t know Ueli, imagine the demands placed on tools in world-record alpine speedclimbs. Yeah, heavy. His pro model Titanium knife from Wenger features blades twice as thick and half as heavy as the normal stuff. Features include a saw blade, hex keys and screwdrivers.

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Festool CSX Cordless Drill at
Festool CSX Cordless Drill

A compact cordless drill is handy to have, but most of your choices are nutless, down-sized little weaklings. Don’t screw yourself buying some chintzy tool made for “household” jobs. The new Festool CXS is a little beast, a pro-grade cordless drill with an array of interchangeable chucks to tackle a wide variety of screwjobs around the house.

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Maglite XL50 LED Flashlight at
Maglite XL50 LED Flashlight

Cops know a few things. Among these: donuts, coffee & flashlights. Police forces have been shining big, black Maglites on the guilty and innocent for decades. The heavy, durable lights also double nicely as a billy club. At only 5” long and 1” in diameter, this new, mini LED model won’t knock you out cold with one shot, but it will light things up nicely. Powered by three AAA batteries.

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Bratt Multi-functional EDC Tool at
Bratt Multi-functional EDC Tool

Behind all the products at Triple Aught Design is Patrick Ma. He’s a designer and proud ex-U.S. Army soldier.  His military experience informs his every design. Everything made by TAD is designed for durability, function & versatility. For instance, their BRATT tool. The “Be Ready Always Titanium Tool” does it all: open a beer, tighten a loose screw, pry the top off a paint can, etc. This dense little slab of titanium can even be used for self-defense. Kinda like brass knuckles only lighter. Bam!

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Light Mine Professional at
Light Mine Professional

This thing is the bomb. The Light Mine Professional is a super-bright LED task light with a unique design. Using magnets, this baseball-size light will stick to any metal surface for tricky jobs under the car, the house or anywhere you need a compact, hands-free light that can rotate any which way for full 360º coverage. It has 4 light functions: low power spot, high output flood, red night vision & a high visibility signal beacon. A sizable upgrade from the original.

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Sugru Hacks Pack at
Sugru Hacks Pack

If you’ve ever fixed your car with duct tape or given your bike a new lease on life with Super Glue, you’re gonna want some Sugru in your toolbox. This high-tech putty dries to become a soft yet durable material at room temperature.  Fix a leaky running shoe, put a soft handle on your screwdriver, whatever. It bonds to pretty much anything, is waterproof, and it’s self-adhesive. Plus, its made from simple silicone, so it’s safe.

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