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Bamboo Hammock Dog Bed at
Bamboo Hammock Dog Bed

He walks whenever you want him to, he’ll eagerly chase sticks and tennis balls, and return them at your feet. Show man’s best friend how much he means to you by hooking him up with a proper place to chill. If he could talk, he’d tell you this bamboo hammock bed is where he really wants to hang.

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Pet Peek at
Pet Peek

Just because you spend 40 hours a week inhabiting a windowless cubicle doesn’t mean your dog should, too. Shut in behind the fence, Fido can’t see what’s happening out there in the world. Install a Pet Peek in your fence and give your loyal friend a commanding view of the neighborhood.

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Tagg Pet Tracker at
Tagg Pet Tracker

Those “Lost Fluffy” signs you see stapled around the neighborhood are kinda funny until you’re making one of your own. The Tagg pet tracker will eliminate this not-funny-now experience. Using a lightweight collar unit and app-driven GPS technology, you’ll find him fast. In a pinch, it could also work for kids. Just sayin’

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James Perse Dog Bed at
James Perse Dog Bed

Sick of sharing your bed with a snoring, restless, continually farting creature? Not your girl man, the family dog. Pop clothing designer James Perse has you covered. He’s designed a dog bed to get Fido off your Egyptian cotton sheets and into his own. Actually it’s a hypoallergenic organic foam pad on a teak base with a waterproof , washable, 100% cotton cover.

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Helmutt House at
Helmutt House

Does your dog think he’s human? That’s actually a deep philosophical question – even for a dog as smart as yours. So why not give your four-legged friend a place to ponder. A place like the plush interior of a Helmutt house, where he can really curl up & think about this and other canine conundrums, like how to carry a football in his mouth.

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Beer Cap Dog Collars at
Beer Cap Dog Collars

Man’s best friend and man’s other best friend come together in one simple, yet clever, design. Made of upcycled full grain leather & fitted with sturdy steel hardware, these handsome beer cap dog collars will give you something to think about, while you work up a thirst walking your four-legged friend around the block.

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Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags at
Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

The only thing worse than scooping up a steaming dog bomb with your little poop bag mitten is knowing it will hit the landfill in a plastic bag lasting for thousands of years. Not anymore. 100% biodegradable dog poop bags degrade as fast as an apple. They are also made in a wind-powered factory & come in recycled packaging. That smells much better doesn’t it?

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Bark Reynolds Fetch Toy at
Bark Reynolds Fetch Toy

You know what they say about dog owners and their pets growing to look alike? Well…now you can really hook it up. The Bark Reynolds Fetch Toy will have Fido looking like a 4-legged, hipster version of you. Plus, you and the dog both know the bitches can’t resist a tight ’stache. Now…if you could only teach him to ride a fixie…

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Pet Camper at
Pet Camper

The Airstream revival is complete. Now, even your little diva can feel like canine celebrity when you pull one of these onto the set. A great novelty idea from Straight Line Designs, the pet Airstream camper is made of aluminum, stainless & fiberglass with dimensions of  41”W x 21”H x 19”D. Sized perfectly for small dogs with huge egos.

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Bowldog at

Let your dog drink anywhere at anytime. Bowldog is flat, flexible and turns into a stable, regular-size bowl – simply by adding water. When Fido’s done…water the grass, flatten the bowl, zip up and slide it back in your pocket. If only picking up the other end was this smooth.

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