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E13 Workshop Airbag at
E13 Workshop Airbag

This compact little duffel from E13 is made from up-cycled automobile airbags. The airbags are removed from crashed vehicles in Ohio junkyards and built into bomber bags. Don’t worry, there won’t be blood stains on the bags, they’re cleaned before construction.

BUY IT   $230 Also posted in Bags

Root Wood Cases at
Root Wood Cases

Don’t you have enough plastic and polymer products in your life already? Wood is a a good alternative. Root makes wooden cases for your MacBook, iPad, and iPhone out of bamboo, zebrawood, walnut & wenge. So, ah, nature up your technology.

BUY IT   $59+ Categories: Gear

Holy Smoke: Ashes to Ammunition at
Holy Smoke: Ashes to Ammunition

Traditional burials inevitably lead to zombification. If you don’t want to risk returning as an undead walking corpse maybe you should have your cremated ashes packed into ammo and shot out of a gun. Seriously, the maniacs at Holy Smoke will load you up and send the bullets back to your family for safe shooting.

BUY IT   $850 - 250 Rounds Categories: Gear

Slingshots by Christopher Jarratt at
Slingshots by Christopher Jarratt

The old saying goes, “they don’t make ’em like they used to.” Not true. You can find new stuff made the old way all over the web. Even the old-fashioned, pesky slingshot has been revived, stylized and brought to market. Moss commissioned limited-edition handmade slingshots, signed and numbered by the annoying little twerp who built them, artist Christopher Jarratt.

BUY IT   $95 Categories: Gear

Strap a Handle at
Strap a Handle

The Strap a Handle is a strap with a handle on it that helps you carry more stuff than you should really be able to. It’s a great idea, no doubt, but for some reason it  feels way too simple and obvious. Maybe we’re just over-thinking it.

BUY IT   $10.99 Categories: Gear

JOBY GorillaPod Micro 250 Tripod at
JOBY GorillaPod Micro 250 Tripod

Handing some random your camera and asking them to snap your picture is awkward. It gets even weirder when they start telling you to say cheese. If you like your pics with no cheese, get this low-profile GorillaPod Micro 250. It’s light, compact, and cheese-free. Source

BUY IT   $19.95 Also posted in Photography

Rubber Band Gatling Gun at
Rubber Band Gatling Gun

The term “disposable income” is a relatively new one. One we sorely needed. How else would someone justify/explain/laugh after dropping five hundo on something like a custom-built rubber band shooting Gatling gun with a 144-round capacity?

BUY IT   $469 Categories: Gear

Bosch 12V Max PS11 Angle Drill/Driver at
Bosch 12V Max PS11 Angle Drill/Driver

Anything that helps you improve your screwing and drilling is worth a look. The defining feature of this new cordless Bosch unit is its 5-position articulated head. From 90º to 180º, it bends where you need it to. Perfect for screwing in tight places. Sounds fun doesn’t it?

BUY IT   $166.99 Also posted in Tools

Hollow Book Safe with Flask at
Hollow Book Safe with Flask

Pretty much every book on the New York Times Best-Seller list is a hollow, unreadable sham and none of them quite measure up to the ones coming out of Indiana-based Conduit Press. Their specially crafted books actually offer something redeeming for the soul: a 4 oz. flask.

BUY IT   $50 Categories: Gear

Smartphone-Controlled TankBot at
Smartphone-Controlled TankBot

With the double-dip recession looming and so little work to actually do, office toys like these smartphone-controlled TankBots give those long days in the cubicle real meaning. Just keep bouncing from facebook to the touch-free fun of driving your little mini-tank and before you know it, this economic rough patch will be history. Source

BUY IT   $24.49 Categories: Gear
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