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Makita 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit at
Makita 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit

Whether you gotta drill, drive or just shed some light on the situation, this 12-volt cordless tool kit from Makita will do the dirty work. Powered by long-lasting Lithium-Ion batteries, the lightweight & powerful drill, impact wrench and flashlight  go anywhere and everywhere to silence a wide range of household hiccups.

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Thule TCRU-2 Luggage With Detachable Pack at
Thule TCRU-2 Luggage With Detachable Pack

The word Thule is Swedish for “nice rack.” You knew that. Well, it turns out these crafty Swedes are also making luggage. “TCRU-2” is another Swedish word meaning ‘rolling travel bag with detachable daypack.’ Yeah, that one was a stretch, sorry. Point is, you can leave your big bag of rocks with the bellboy and take a stroll around town with a little knapsack before your flight home.

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Urban Quiver Camera Bag at
Urban Quiver Camera Bag

Photographers are always drawn to the shadowy back streets and sketchy areas of  a city.  But carrying a backpack full of expensive camera gear into the hot zone, could turn you from tourist to target real quick. With its unique shape and carrying strap, this camera bag could keep you off the robber’s radar just long enough for an  easy escape.

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Super-Penetration Shovel at
Super-Penetration Shovel

We have to admit, any product whose name starts with “Super Penetration” is likely to catch our eye. Unfortunately, in this case it’s just a shovel. But a damn fine one. This tool goes in deep. All steel construction and a tapered, pointed blade means this thing will dig right into dense, hardpacked and clayey soil. You can even keep the blade edge sharp with a file for well … super penetration.

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Treasure Wheels at
Treasure Wheels

Junk picker, antique hunter, self-mover, whatever you call yourself – you can’t call yourself a pro until you’ve got a pair of Treasure Wheels at the ready. Simply screw the clamp to that big, cumbersome object of your desire, and roll it on home. Easy as that.

BUY IT   $39 Categories: Gear

U.S. Marshals to Auction the Unabomber’s Personal Effects at
U.S. Marshals to Auction the Unabomber’s Personal Effects

Genius-psychopath, Ted Kaczynski, aka the Unabomber, is locked-up in a federal pen and will never get out. The rogue terrorist, whose decades long bombing spree injured 23 people and killed 3, was eventually taken down in a massive FBI sting. Now, US Marshals are auctioning off his personal effects with proceeds going to the victim’s families.  His famous hoodie, aviators and even the typewriter used to write his bizarre manifesto are all up for grabs. Looks like the Smithsonian wasn’t interested.

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Extreme Sleeve for Laptops at
Extreme Sleeve for Laptops

Usually products with the word “extreme” in their name are stupid. Simple fact. But this impact resistant, protective laptop sleeve is an exception. If there’s one possession in our lives that should be “extremely” protected, it’s our laptop. This soft, lightweight, flexible, water-resistant case fits easily into another bag keeping your machine intact while you’re on the go. Cases for 11”, 13”, and 15” laptops.

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The Crovel at
The Crovel

Tricky name: the Crovel is a cross between a crowbar and a shovel. But the name is not the cleverest thing about this heavy-duty multi-tool.  The crowbar end has a hammer face for persuasion and the handle is wrapped in paracord giving you 15’ of multipurpose line to help get you out of sticky situations. The shovel end features a serrated blade for hacking apart brush. Perfect for the off-road explorer.

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Industrial Strength Organizer at
Industrial Strength Organizer

Keep your desk or workbench in order with this heavy metal, industrial strength organizer. Made from recycled metal tubing & welded to a sturdy base, it’ll hold your greasy handtools or fine fountain pens, just the same. No matter what you do with it, you sure as hell can’t break it. You could even use it as a weapon in case of emergency.

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Choose Your Bullets Pen Holder at
Choose Your Bullets Pen Holder

Mexican designer, Jorge Diego Etienne, is the artist behind this seemingly innocuous desk accessory. Yeah, it’s a pen holder. But, pulling your pen from the shiny metal revolver cartridge adds a sense of gravity to everything you write. A mental association exactly what Etienne was trying to achieve. He wants you to “think” about the implications of what you write or sign. Do you?

BUY IT   $90 Also posted in Work
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