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Pantone Universe Twin Marker Sets at
Pantone Universe Twin Marker Sets

If you’d take the Pantone rainbow over a double rainbow any day of the week, these double-tipped Pantone marker sets might just give you a cold chill. Sets from 12 to 72 in true Pantone colors!? It is unbelievable but try not cry, that’s weird.

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Carabiner Key at
Carabiner Key

A rock climber and a locksmith walk into a bar…sorry, you gotta make up the rest. We found a key that’s better than other keys. Instead of working it onto a ring, you clip this one to anything. Good for runners, swimmers, surfers and others who must tote loose keys. It’ just like the ones you use now – only better. Why not? Source

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Porsche Design Shisha at
Porsche Design Shisha

The marketing guys at Porsche Design decided to call their latest piece of German-designed technology a shisha. Bong is such a dirty word. But a shisha is basically a bong with a tube like a hookah. You probably knew that. This racy little rig is made of aluminum, stainless and glass. If you prefer the slow lane, this is the Porsche you want to drive. Source

BUY IT   $2000 Categories: Gear

College Duck Tape at
College Duck Tape

On campuses across the country, locker room hazing will be taken to a whole ’nother level with this college logo Duck Tape. If you know any upperclassmen on like, the Oregon State Beavers or Nebraska Cornhuskers, please don’t share this link with them. That would be mean.

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Magnetron Carabiners at
Magnetron Carabiners

If your carabiner’s biggest job is attaching your water bottle to your messenger bag, you probably don’t need the performance of Black Diamond’s new locking carabiners with Magnetron Technology. But climbers will appreciate that instead of sketchy screw-style gates, these babies use magnetic force. The rest of us urban adventurers will mostly just like the colors they come in.

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Mojave Picker’s Wallet at
Mojave Picker’s Wallet

Whether or not you need a little pocket for your guitar pick, this full-grain leather wallet from Atlanta’s Whipping Post brand could be your jam. It’s flat and durable with 3 card slots, a license compartment, and room for cash. Heard a rumor they’re developing the “poker’s wallet” next, featuring a condom pocket. Maybe you should wait for that one.

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Gangsta Greeting Cards at
Gangsta Greeting Cards

Are you really saying what you mean with a generic drugstore birthday card? If you are, that’s cool but you might like something a little more honest. These craft-made letterpress cards all feature messages that ring true to you. Like, “Damn, You’s A Sexy Bitch” or “You’ll Always Be My Boo.” There are more we can’t quote here. Say what you mean.

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Bosch L-Boxx at
Bosch L-Boxx

Like oversized Legos, these new modular toolboxes from Bosch just click together. If you want to construct a little blue truck or bridge out of them, feel free, but they’re really made for keeping your tools organized. Lockable, easy to carry, and smash-proof.

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Boiling Water Pan Charger at
Boiling Water Pan Charger

In the second-to-last episode of the TV show MacGyver, the clever secret agent makes a contraption like this for his Motorola pager. German engineers from TES have now improved upon the design to charge your cell phone (or other USB-powered device) with a pot of boiling water. Science 101: the heat of the boiling water is transferred directly into electrical energy.

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Lethal Pro Gadget Spider Stand at
Lethal Pro Gadget Spider Stand

There’s a reason nobody watches porn on their phone. Handheld devices are awesome, except when you need to use your hands. There’s also cooking, driving and other times when hands-free is helpful. This stand, made of aluminum & carbon fiber, holds it for you. The spider-like design attaches to virtually anything to hold your phone, tablet, camera and other digital media device right where you want it.

BUY IT   $129 Categories: Gear
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