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Vipukirves Axes at
Vipukirves Axes

Finnish people know how to keep warm. First they invented the sauna, now they’ve redesigned the axe to make splitting firewood a cinch. When you strike the log, the unique design of the axe head automatically detaches the chopped portion of wood. End result: you’ll actually look like you’ve done this before.

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Kammok Glider at
Kammok Glider

Made of lightweight, waterproof Amphibiskin fabric and backed by adventurer Bear Grylls, the Glider is a tarp slash camping shelter that also happens to work as a drinking water retention system. It’s the first shelter to offer you a drink; a design that integrates raingutters into the corners, allowing you to attach 4 water bottles at a time for collecting drinkable rainwater.

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Stayhold at

If you have a lot of junk in the trunk and want it to stop bouncing around back there, try these. Stayhold is a plastic wall that grips the carpet in your car’s trunk to keep that “junk” from moving all around while you drive.

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ATOM Multi-tool at
ATOM Multi-tool

It’ll take you approximately 127 hours to cut your own arm off with its one-inch sawblade, but the other tools on the stainless steel ATOM keyring multi-tool, like the hex wrenches and beer opener, will come in handy once you have to start doing everything with that one remaining hand.

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OUTLIER Grid Linen Towel at
OUTLIER Grid Linen Towel

These box weave linen towels make sense for summer. The natural fabric is lightweight and way more packable than a fluffy cotton towel. Linen also repels beach sand while that fluffy cotton one picks it up like a magnet. It absorbs moisture like a sponge & dries faster than cotton does. What else do you need to know? Convert to linenism now. Towel comes in three sizes & 3 colors.

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Oscar Mayer Bacon Box at
Oscar Mayer Bacon Box

Your search for the perfect Father’s Day Gift ends right here. Behold the Bacon Boxes. These handsome gift boxes include not only a 20-strip slab of hardwood-smoked goodness but also your choice of a sizzling stainless steel money clip, bacon strip cuff links, or a rugged multi-tool.

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Trayvax Wallet at
Trayvax Wallet

Because most wallet makers fear innovation, it may be hard to recognize the Trayvax Wallet as a quote unquote wallet. But it is one. A fearlessly innovative one. It’s made of anodized aluminum, and unlike that leather one you’re sitting on, it’s got a built-in bottle opener.

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Crescent Folding Ratcheting Wrench Set at
Crescent Folding Ratcheting Wrench Set

Never fails. You have a set of twenty-odd different wrenches but the one you really need can never be found. Solution: The Folding Ratcheting Wrench Set. These guys flip open & feature adjustable, spring-loaded jaws for easy action. Sold as a pair, with a 6-inch & an 8-inch wrench, they’ll clamp on to any nut from ¼-inch up to ¾-inch; perfect for all kinds of household jobs.

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Irwin FK Series Folding Utility Knives at
Irwin FK Series Folding Utility Knives

Works like a box-cutter, folds like a pocket knife. When open, the blade is automatically locked. Seems safer, right? They use standard utility blades which are stored in the handle and their performance is backed by a lifetime warranty.

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“B” The Flying RC Car at
“B” The Flying RC Car

Simply called The B, it’s two RC vehicles in one: a car and a quad-copter. Powered by a Li-Ion battery, the B will fly & drive for 15 minutes on a charge, and its sturdy, flexible polycarbonate body & crash-worthy parts mean you can learn how to fly this bird without the worry of a crash & burn. A nose-mounted video camera also allows you to record your epic action in 720P HD. via

BUY IT   $480 Categories: Gear
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