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Snow Joe iON Cordless Snow Blower at
Snow Joe iON Cordless Snow Blower

Before long, winters with snow will be little more than a memory. Instead of speeding up this process by adding more CO2 to the atmosphere with your outdated gas-powered snowblower, maybe look into this Li-iON battery-powered model. It runs 25-40 minutes on a charge, is whisper quiet, and produces no air pollution. via

BUY IT   $400 Also posted in Lawn

Phone+Book at

Nothing will stop you from gazing endlessly into your iPhone like a 12-year old girl but if you stash it in this notebook/phone case from KB design, people will assume you’re reading or writing and you’ll seem somehow smarter.

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Seaboard GRAND at
Seaboard GRAND

London-based ROLI Design has created an intuitive keyboard that blends the form of a standard piano with the electronic customization of a digital controller. Seaboard GRAND features flexible keys that allow the player to adjust each note in real-time. The unique, skin-like design makes each note flex under a user’s touch to produce a different pitch, volume, and timbre, depending on exactly where it’s pressed.

BUY IT   $2000-8888 Categories: Gear

Dumpsty at

Dumpsty makes real, functioning, miniature steel dumpsters decorated with streetstyle art: bombed and stickered up, custom painted, even artist limited-editions. You can throw garbage in it if you want or just let it stand there looking tough.

BUY IT   $150-250 Categories: Gear

Fortified Afterburner & Aviator Bike Lights at
Fortified Afterburner & Aviator Bike Lights

Fortified Bike Lights was born when one of the brand’s founders had his bike light stolen & then got nailed by a car. The MIT grads at Fortified set out to design & develop a super-bright, anti-theft bike light & that’s exactly what they’ve done. Their Li-Ion powered headlight & taillight system is simple, solid, and comes with a no-questions-asked lifetime warranty.

BUY IT   $45-65 Also posted in Bike

Kickr at

The crew at Kickr developed an easy way to convert your existing longboard into an electric vehicle that will do 20mph. Not only will this universal drivetrain mount to your current set-up without the need for new parts or add-ons but never having to push again means your sport sandals will last much longer, too.

BUY IT   $300 Categories: Gear

Field Notes Drink Local at
Field Notes Drink Local

Field Notes is constantly updating their offerings with fresh colorways and occasional editions. Their latest limited run of pocket notebooks celebrate the colors of beer. Stout, IPA, Lager, Amber, etc. These notebooks also feature a new heavyweight cover stock and three packs come with a pub style coaster also designed by Field Notes frontman Aaron Draplin.

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BioLite KettlePot at
BioLite KettlePot

The BioLite campstove is an award-winning design that burns biomass instead of gas to cook camp meals and charge electronics.  By the looks of their latest add-on, the KettlePot, this ultra-efficient camp cooking system just keeps getting better. The kettle design makes boiling and pouring hot drinks fast & easy and also works as a thermos to keep them warm.

BUY IT   $50 Also posted in Camping

Natural Log Skateboards at
Natural Log Skateboards

Retro, 70s-style cruiser skateboards are easy to find but you’ll have to do some searching to find ones handmade with recycled and sustainable woods like bamboo, & oak. Or, as usual, just let us do the searching. And now the sharing: Natural Log skateboards are made right in our backyard, San Diego, California. via

BUY IT   $100-140 Categories: Gear

Breaking Bad Props Auction at
Breaking Bad Props Auction

If you want something truly special to remember your life with Breaking Bad, get your bids in early at’s upcoming auction. They’ve got some hot BB items on the block: a pair of Walter’s tighty-whities, Tuco’s iced-out grill, some Los Pollos Hermanos fry batter buckets, and more—all props actually used on the show.

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