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iRobot Looj 330 at
iRobot Looj 330

Why wouldn’t you employ a robot to clean your gutters? It won’t fall off the ladder and sue you. All you have to do is drop this Lithium battery powered crud cleaner into your gutter then stand down below feeling smart while drinking a craft beer. When it’s finished doing your dirty work, hang it on the belt clip and go show it off to the guy next door.

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Black & Decker Gyro Motion-activated Screwdriver at
Black & Decker Gyro Motion-activated Screwdriver

Technology continues to creep steadily into everyday objects, like touchscreen refrigerators & bluetooth chew toys for the dog. Now the screwdriver is getting crept on. This motion-activated, gyro-powered screwdriver makes it easier: Just a quick twitch of the wrist instead of flipping a switch to go from forward to reverse. How have we survived this long without it? Available October 1. Source

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The Real Deal Brazil Belem Backpack at
The Real Deal Brazil Belem Backpack

This backpack from The Real Deal Brazil looks like it’s seen some hard miles because it has. Before being transformed into a pack it lived a full life as tarp covering truck payloads on the sketchy freeways of Brazil. Fully upcycled and made in Brazil, the Belem pack is TRDB’s latest offering. Their original recycled tarp product is a wide brimmed sun hat, seen on Woody Harrelson’s head in the movie Zombieland.

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Leatherman OHT at
Leatherman OHT

Most times when the trusty Leatherman comes out, you’ve got a situation on your hands. And because this new Leatherman multi-tool is fully operable with just one hand, an industry first, it makes emergency repair jobs much easier. Spring-loaded pliers and wire cutters plus 11 other tools puts a lot of power in your one free hand. Available Fall 2012.

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Gas Can Guitar Amp at
Gas Can Guitar Amp

Here’s how you can take your show on the road. This mobile guitar amp will go anywhere. It’s rugged, rechargeable, and runs for up to 8 hours of uninterrupted rocking. You can also use the 12V output to power your other devices or plug in your mobile device to play some music that people actually want to hear.

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Lazer Tag with iPhone Mount at
Lazer Tag with iPhone Mount

Remember Lazer Tag? Hasbro brought back the 90s nostalgia with an updated version of the game and a new controller gun that runs an iOS app. Download the app, load your phone into the weapon and blast some geeks.   For those who don’t have an iPhone, no worries, you can still play this new version of Lazer Tag the old-fashioned way.

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RuffBowl at

You bring yourself a waterbottle on the walk but what about the dog? The Ruffbowl is a portable water bowl for your dog that snaps on to your retractable leash. When the dog’s not drinking, Ruffbowl also holds onto that bag of poop you don’t really like carrying.

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Ted R-Rated Talking Plush Teddy Bear at
Ted R-Rated Talking Plush Teddy Bear

Just like Seth MacFarlane’s movie Ted, this plush, talking toy bear with a moving mouth is definitely not made for children. Unless of course you want to hear your kids dropping more F bombs than mommy does.

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Zippo Outdoor Gear at
Zippo Outdoor Gear

Some wannabe Rambo-types really like roughing it, but most of us would rather spend our time in the great outdoors with a few creature comforts. The Zippo Outdoor line makes camp cooking, fire starting, and chilling outdoors considerably more comfortable. A wind-proof stove, a 4-in-1 axe/saw/hammer tool, and a rugged LED lantern are just a few pieces in this new collection.

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The Stump Cooler at
The Stump Cooler

How easy is it to fool the cops? You’re looking at the answer. This cooler disguised as a stump makes public consumption of alcohol a breeze plus it doubles as a seat so you can rest and enjoy a cold one.

BUY IT   $44.99 Categories: Gear
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