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Good Worth Keys at
Good Worth Keys

Mostly we think only in terms of “Do I have my key?” Or “I lost my keys!” Nobody ever says, “Damn, that’s a cool key you’ve got there, pal.” But that will change as soon as you whip out one of Good Worth’s solid brass keys in the shape of a weed leaf, six-shooter, or middle finger.

BUY IT   $12-20 Categories: Gear

Madwater Duffels at
Madwater Duffels

Madwater duffel bags are truly waterproof. These commercial grade dry bags are made in the USA. They feature waterproof YKK zippers & are submersible to 15 feet. Matte black and available in 30, 65, & 90-liter sizes.

BUY IT   $179-259 Also posted in Bags

Jackfish Survival Card at
Jackfish Survival Card

If & when your actual survival depends on something the size of a credit card, you know you are officially screwed. Then again, if that something is the Jackfish, you might just live to see another day. It’s a slim card holder that contains some essential tools, like a compass, knife, firesteel, windproof matches, a micro SD card to keep copies of important documents, plus a bunch of drivers & hex bits.

BUY IT   $104 Also posted in Camping

Octovo Dopp Kit at
Octovo Dopp Kit

With an Italian leather exterior and interior zippered pockets for all your products, this dopp kit from Octovo also features a hook for hanging & easy access to everything inside.

BUY IT   $165 Also posted in Bags

Tropical Teak Toolbox at
Tropical Teak Toolbox

The Tropical Teak toolbox is handmade & hewn from 30-year-old sustainably harvested teak sourced from plantations in Nicaraqua. With dimensions of L18″ X W8″ X H10″ its lower compartment holds larger tools while the upper tray offer storage for nails, screws, and smaller items. Also available in walnut.

BUY IT   $220-265 Also posted in Tools

Shinola x Crisloid Domino Set at
Shinola x Crisloid Domino Set

Two authentic American brands, Shinola & Brooklyn-based Crisloid teamed up to create a unique, premium game set. The 28–piece set of double–six black resin dominoes comes presented in a linen wrapped box, using the same linen cloth that covers Shinola journals, with Horween leather on the lid’s interior.

BUY IT   $230 Categories: Gear

Nixon A-10 Boba Fett Pack at
Nixon A-10 Boba Fett Pack

Boba Fett graphics, Star Wars branding and bounty hunter green coloring adorn this top-loading 16.5-liter daypack from Nixon. It also features a side-entry laptop compartment, external mesh pockets, and custom Han Solo zipper pulls.

BUY IT   $175 Also posted in Bags

Neri Pen and Mechanical Pencil at
Neri Pen and Mechanical Pencil

Created for Internoitaliano by artist and designer Giulio Iacchetti, the Neri Pen & mechanical pencil are 2 unique, premium-quality writing implements. Made of lathed aluminum, both are refillable and feature a thumbscrew mechanism for adjusting the lead length of your 5.5 X 80mm graphite or changing your Mini ball D1 ink cartridge.

BUY IT   $45-85 Also posted in Work

Leather Bushcrafter by Vehement Knives at
Leather Bushcrafter by Vehement Knives

With its lean blade and stacked leather handle, this is a classic Bushmaster from Colorado’s Vehement Knives. The blade is 4 3/8” & the overall length is 8 7/8” making it a substantial belt knife. Comes with a handcrafted leather sheath.

BUY IT   $325 Categories: Gear

Keychain Duct Tape at
Keychain Duct Tape

Duct tape will save you. It’s been proven time and time again. But Keychain Duct Tape is a new & elegant way to integrate duct tape into your EDC. American-made from stainless steel or solid brass, this keychain dispenser holds a crucial 18″ of Gorilla tape or 24″ of gaffer’s tape.

BUY IT   $20 Also posted in Tools
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