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    Italian design meets the portable grill and it cooks as good as it looks. With a unique tripod design that features an easy-to-light stainless steel mesh “fire hammock” beneath a collapsible cook top, the Grillo folds up into a slender package for easy portability.

    Numyth Tohil v2 Watertight Fluid Lighter at

    Numyth Tohil v2 Watertight Fluid Lighter

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    The refillable V2 lighter from Numyth Tohil is watertight to ensure foolproof fire-starting no matter what the weather throws your way. The body of the lighter is made of CNC machined aluminum with a Type III anodized coating. The bottom is flat so it can act as a candle & the screw-on cover has an attachment point for a lanyard or EDC ring. Refills with standard lighter fluid & comes with 2 spare wicks & flints.

    M-5000 Envirofit Rocket Stove at

    M-5000 Envirofit Rocket Stove

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    Envirofit was founded to be a global social movement—to make cleaner, simpler cookstoves & improve the quality of life in developing regions. So far they’ve distributed over 5 million stoves. The new M-5000 is a completely customizable and locally adaptable low-emission cookstove with improved handles and legs for stability. It is a rocket style stove that burns biomass & it’s made at Envirofit’s first African manufacturing facility.

    Serac Sequoia XL Wide Camping Hammock at

    Serac Sequoia XL Wide Camping Hammock

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    The doublewide Sequoia XL hammock is wider and longer than most and includes two 6-foot tree straps & aluminum carabiners for quick set-up. 10 anchor points allow you control height & slack while giving you maximum space in the hammock. The whole system stuffs neatly into an attached compression sack for easy portability.

    Bright Path LED CampGuard Perimeter Security Camping Lantern at

    Bright Path LED CampGuard Perimeter Security Camping Lantern

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    Whether it’s a bear on a midnight stroll through the campsite or something scarier—if that’s even possible—the CampGuard Perimeter Security lantern will immediately light up & alert you. The built-in 360º motion detectors are set with the push of a button, and when they sense movement the 300-lumen LEDs are triggered. After 15 seconds with no movement, the lantern turns back off automatically. When not in security mode, it functions as a normal LED camp lantern.

    EcoFire Wood Burning Campstove at

    EcoFire Wood Burning Campstove

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    Fueled by biomass—sticks, twigs, pinecones and wood of all sorts—the portable EcoFire stove delivers fast, powerful outdoor cooking with 90% less smoke. The proprietary design of the heating chamber burns the fuel twice to create virtually smokeless heat. A funded Kickstarter.

    BioLite Pizza Dome at

    BioLite Pizza Dome

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    The Pizza Dome was designed as an add-on upgrade to BioLite’s BaseCamp stove. Now you can make pizzas and flatbread in the wild. The dome features an integrated thermometer and a foodsafe ceramic cooking stone for consistently crispy crust.

    UltaMid 2 by Hyperlite Mountain Gear at

    UltaMid 2 by Hyperlite Mountain Gear

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    The minimalist design of Hyperlite’s UltaMid 2 pyramid shelter will keep your fast & light camping missions truly fast & light. It’s a floor-less tarp style sheet of Dyneema Composite fabric that uses a hiking pole or even a stick as the main shelter support with corners that can be tied off.  It provides 62-square feet of space and amazingly weighs just under 1 pound.

    Scout Overland Kitchen at

    Scout Overland Kitchen

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    When you’re ready to put a complete, self-contained kitchen in your vehicle, the Scout Overland is a solid choice. The slide-out drawer-style design keeps everything organized: stove, sink, cutting board, utensils and storage, all at your fingertips. It also includes a 2.5 gallon water tank & an electrical panel. Fits newer model Toyota trucks, Jeeps, and Sprinters.

    Pioneer Swag Tent at

    Pioneer Swag Tent

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    Made of heavy duty, waterproof 400GSM ripstop canvas and featuring a 2-inch thick built-in foam mattress, the Pioneer Swag Tent has room for 2 and a mesh ceiling for stargazing. A simple, 3-pole design makes set-up quick and easy.

    Heimplanet NIAS at

    Heimplanet NIAS

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    Like all of the tents from Heimplanet, the 4-6 person NIAS model features an inflatable frame—meaning no tent poles to pack or assemble. This new design features a dual-cabin Geodesic structure that makes it easy & comfortable to separate the adults from the kids or to accommodate two groups in one tent.

    Stanley Happy Hour Shaker and Four Cups at

    Stanley Happy Hour Shaker and Four Cups

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    Happy hour is happy hour, no matter where you find yourself. And if you’re off on a little adventure, you’ll be well equipped with Stanley’s Happy Hour Shaker loaded in your pack. The double-walled BPA-free stainless steel shaker houses four nesting cups as well as a citrus reamer and a jigger cap.

    The 53 Quart Portable Freezer/Cooler at

    The 53 Quart Portable Freezer/Cooler

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    They call it a cooler but it’s really a portable fridge & freezer with a weekend-size 53 quart capacity. You control the fridge & freezer compartments with an LED control panel that allows you to set the temp from -7° F to 53° F. For power, it includes a 6′ DC cord for plugging into a car or boat and a AC to DC converter for plugging into a standard AC outlet.

    Wayv Adventurer Hand-held Microwave at

    Wayv Adventurer Hand-held Microwave

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    We have to admit, making a microwave for the wilderness is an original idea. The Wayv adventurer is a radio frequency off-grid cooking appliance powered by interchangeable, quick-charging Li-Ion batteries. It weighs just over 2 pounds and is 12” x 5” in size, making it perfectly packable. It creates 250W of cooking power using internal LDMOS transistors.