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    UltaMid 2 by Hyperlite Mountain Gear at

    UltaMid 2 by Hyperlite Mountain Gear

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    The minimalist design of Hyperlite’s UltaMid 2 pyramid shelter will keep your fast & light camping missions truly fast & light. It’s a floor-less tarp style sheet of Dyneema Composite fabric that uses a hiking pole or even a stick as the main shelter support with corners that can be tied off.  It provides 62-square feet of space and amazingly weighs just under 1 pound.

    Scout Overland Kitchen at

    Scout Overland Kitchen

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    When you’re ready to put a complete, self-contained kitchen in your vehicle, the Scout Overland is a solid choice. The slide-out drawer-style design keeps everything organized: stove, sink, cutting board, utensils and storage, all at your fingertips. It also includes a 2.5 gallon water tank & an electrical panel. Fits newer model Toyota trucks, Jeeps, and Sprinters.

    Pioneer Swag Tent at

    Pioneer Swag Tent

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    Made of heavy duty, waterproof 400GSM ripstop canvas and featuring a 2-inch thick built-in foam mattress, the Pioneer Swag Tent has room for 2 and a mesh ceiling for stargazing. A simple, 3-pole design makes set-up quick and easy.

    Heimplanet NIAS at

    Heimplanet NIAS

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    Like all of the tents from Heimplanet, the 4-6 person NIAS model features an inflatable frame—meaning no tent poles to pack or assemble. This new design features a dual-cabin Geodesic structure that makes it easy & comfortable to separate the adults from the kids or to accommodate two groups in one tent.

    Stanley Happy Hour Shaker and Four Cups at

    Stanley Happy Hour Shaker and Four Cups

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    Happy hour is happy hour, no matter where you find yourself. And if you’re off on a little adventure, you’ll be well equipped with Stanley’s Happy Hour Shaker loaded in your pack. The double-walled BPA-free stainless steel shaker houses four nesting cups as well as a citrus reamer and a jigger cap.

    The 53 Quart Portable Freezer/Cooler at

    The 53 Quart Portable Freezer/Cooler

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    They call it a cooler but it’s really a portable fridge & freezer with a weekend-size 53 quart capacity. You control the fridge & freezer compartments with an LED control panel that allows you to set the temp from -7° F to 53° F. For power, it includes a 6′ DC cord for plugging into a car or boat and a AC to DC converter for plugging into a standard AC outlet.

    Wayv Adventurer Hand-held Microwave at

    Wayv Adventurer Hand-held Microwave

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    We have to admit, making a microwave for the wilderness is an original idea. The Wayv adventurer is a radio frequency off-grid cooking appliance powered by interchangeable, quick-charging Li-Ion batteries. It weighs just over 2 pounds and is 12” x 5” in size, making it perfectly packable. It creates 250W of cooking power using internal LDMOS transistors.

    Bush Smarts Grizzly at

    Bush Smarts Grizzly

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    The titanium Grizzly from Bush Smarts makes tensioning the lines on your tarp tent or makeshift shelter easy and gives you lots of options for tying off onto supports of all shapes & sizes. Every Grizzly comes with a 36″ ultra strong 2mm Dyneema hi-viz cord. Made in the USA from recycled materials.

    Filson Wedge Tent at

    Filson Wedge Tent

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    Classic styling and materials give Filson’s Wedge Tent that vintage vibe. It’s made of heavy-duty 10 oz. marine finish Army duck canvas to keep out wind & weather. It’s a floor-less design that can be set-up between trees or with the included sheer poles. Center height: 7-feet tall.

    BioLite BaseLantern at

    BioLite BaseLantern

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    The slim, flat-pack BaseLantern from BioLite contains a long-lasting 7800mAh rechargeable battery that will power its leds for up to 54 hours. There are also a pair of built-in USB ports for charging other devices, like your smartphone, which you can use to customize the lantern’s functions, like brightness, light temp, auto shut-off, & colors.

    Filson MITI Camp Stove at

    Filson MITI Camp Stove

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    This flat packable stainless steel camp stove-top heats up using a single log. And the setup is simple: Affix the stove to the top of a quartered log, light it, and watch it burn from the inside out.

    EnKi Stove Wild at

    EnKi Stove Wild

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    The Italian-made Wild biomass camp stove uses sticks & twigs for fuel, fired by a small battery. Made of stainless steel & aluminum, this sculptural design is lightweight, efficient & comes in 2 sizes: one portable, the larger one more powerful for meals at basecamp.

    Brunton Lightwave Amp Lantern at

    Brunton Lightwave Amp Lantern

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    For some, the peace & quiet of the wilderness experience is a bit dull. Brunton has you guys covered: the Lightwave is a 700-lumen, rechargeable bluetooth lantern that has a built-in speaker, and an app that puts you in control of a rainbow of colored light options. There’s also 2 USB ports for charging up devices from its 20K mAh battery.

    GSI Outdoors Halulite Microdualist Complete at

    GSI Outdoors Halulite Microdualist Complete

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    This complete camp cooking system for two includes everything you & your better half will need to cook & consume your wilderness meals. It includes the Pinnacle lightweight, high output stove and nesting windscreen as well as a 1.4-liter Halulite cookpot plus insulated mugs and bowls and Foons for two.