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Ferragamo Boston Briefcase at
Ferragamo Boston Briefcase

Your laptop is your most important work tool. Therefore, show it the respect it deserves by carrying it around in a fine leather briefcase like this one from legendary Italian designer to the stars, Salvatore Ferragamo. The slim, all-black case features leather top handles, a two-way zip closure, plus a removable shoulder strap & internal laptop sleeve.

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The Roma at
The Roma

You want good photos, but do you want to lug a whole extra bag just for your SLR photo gear? Most of the time, we say screw it & put the point-and-shoot in our pocket instead.  Here’s a compromise. The Roma by Ona is a mini SLR case that fits a body & lens and slides right into your duffel or pack. Your camera is protected and your bag stays organized. Easy.

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Fast Pack Litespeed at
Fast Pack Litespeed

With a capacity of 1300 cubic inches, this pack is the perfect size for day trips and commuter hot-laps. Made of military-spec Cordura, it’s built to withstand bomb blasts. It opens super-wide for unrestricted access to your cargo. And whatever you can’t fit inside it, you can strap on—the exterior of the pack is a matrix of sturdy, military PALS webbing so you can keep your machete or water bottle (depending on the situation) close at hand.

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Union Street Camera Bag at
Union Street Camera Bag

Let’s assume your ideal look is a bit more “urban casual” than “Ohio tourist on vacation.” To make sure you’re following all the way through, try this handsome camera bag disguised as a messenger bag. The roomy, waxed cotton canvas tote holds your DSLR camera, 3 lenses, 15” laptop and more. So even if you’re snapping photos of the sunset with a flash, you’ll at least look good doing it.

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Timberland Canvas Field Bag at
Timberland Canvas Field Bag

Have you mastered the art of traveling light? Once you’ve figured out how to split for the weekend with just one bag, you’ll need that one bag. Get a good one. This one is made of heavy canvas with leather trim. The rugged, aviator style with a weathered finish also makes it look like you’ve flown a few missions.

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Cobra Courier iPad Bag at
Cobra Courier iPad Bag

Looks tough. It’s made of ballistic nylon with a rubberized bottom & leather details. The strap is made of comfortable seatbelt nylon. It’s pure function. It’s also low profile for when you’re not feeling brave enough to tote it manpurse style. You can jam this little thing into a bigger bag and proceed freely. Or just hand it to your lady friend for a minute. Whatever works.

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Elliot Dopp at
Elliot Dopp

You carry both your toothbrush and your deodorant in the same bag. Your comb, nail clippers, maybe even a balding product you don’t want to talk about? For these magical items, you need a bag that’s durable, won’t leak and is easy to clean. Constructed from recycled rubber tire innertubes, Seattle’s Alchemy Goods makes all kinds of unique up-cycled bags & accessories—all green design that looks good and makes sense.

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Rimowa Aluminum Luggage at
Rimowa Aluminum Luggage

You’ve likely seen a Rimowa aluminum suitcase rolling gracefully through a foreign airport pulled along behind a well-dressed businessman with impossibly pointy shoes. The German luggage maker has been refining this timeless, all-aluminum design since it was first offered in the 1950s. Rimowa cases are offered in a variety of  sizes and will always compliment your attire; maybe even your shoes.

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Filson Wool Duffle at
Filson Wool Duffle

Just like Filson’s legendary wool hunting coats, their duffle bags are heavy, durable and feature timeless details. It’s all about function with a touch of class, like, brass zippers and full-grain bridle leather handles. This sturdy bag is perfectly suited for a weekend car trip or the first class cabin.

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De Bruir Weekender at
De Bruir Weekender

The designs of Ireland’s Garvan De Bruir are best described as modernist. The young designer employs foundational, classic motifs to form products that are totally new, yet have a traditional texture & quality. His Weekender bag is a perfect example. With its heavy, rich leathers it could be from the 1890s, but its minimalist lines and understated elegance place it squarely in the present.

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