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Urban Quiver Camera Bag at
Urban Quiver Camera Bag

Photographers are always drawn to the shadowy back streets and sketchy areas of  a city.  But carrying a backpack full of expensive camera gear into the hot zone, could turn you from tourist to target real quick. With its unique shape and carrying strap, this camera bag could keep you off the robber’s radar just long enough for an  easy escape.

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Extreme Sleeve for Laptops at
Extreme Sleeve for Laptops

Usually products with the word “extreme” in their name are stupid. Simple fact. But this impact resistant, protective laptop sleeve is an exception. If there’s one possession in our lives that should be “extremely” protected, it’s our laptop. This soft, lightweight, flexible, water-resistant case fits easily into another bag keeping your machine intact while you’re on the go. Cases for 11”, 13”, and 15” laptops.

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Fire Hose Dopp Kit at
Fire Hose Dopp Kit

This thing is a total hosebag. Had to say it. England’s Elvis & Kresse built this burly little dopp kit out of decommissioned British firehose. Indestructible & waterproof, this heavy-duty bag is perfect for all your mangrooming products with 50% of the proceeds from your purchase going to a firefighter support charity.

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Killspencer Weekender 2.0 at
Killspencer Weekender 2.0

LA-based Killspencer is a small brand using recycled materials to make new cool shit. This minimalist Weekender duffle is not the first product of theirs we featured and won’t likely be the last. Built from Korean war-era coated canvas and trimmed in black with water repellent zippers, snap pockets, and a bullhide handle, this thing looks ready for battle. Inside however, you’ll find a zippered sleeve for your laptop and plenty of room for your skin care products and vintage fashions.

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LowePro DryZone 200 Waterproof Backpack at
LowePro DryZone 200 Waterproof Backpack

Just about every product ever guaranteed to be waterproof actually sucks up water like a sponge. The DryZone 200 camera bag from LowePro however, has actually been given the dunk test. It wasn’t some lab-controlled spritzing either, adventure/humanitarian photographer Craig Pulsifer actually took this pack out for “backflips into the pool and an hour under the falls” in the Phillipines. Guess what? It’s watertight. Holds a pro SLR kit or your video gear plus more …

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Red-Eye Carry On Garment Bag at
Red-Eye Carry On Garment Bag

The business traveler’s old standby, the garment bag, is long overdue for an update.  Finally, the Scottish luggage brand Lat 56º has done it. Their Red-Eye garment bag is made with a semi-rigid outer shell that is impact and water resistant, while inside their TPS (torso protection system) technology keeps your suit wrinkle- and crease-free. This unique bag also features a compartment for extra shoes, dopp kit, shirt, ties, etc.

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Tumi Alpha Bravo Collection at
Tumi Alpha Bravo Collection

It would take an Indiana Jones-type adventure to get your leather luggage looking this beat up. But you don’t need to go hunting for a holy grail—the Alpha Bravo collection from Tumi comes pre-thrashed. Made from full-grain Lejeune leather burnished for a distressed look, the collection offers heavy-duty designs in an array of styles: tote, backpack, duffel & a messenger bag.

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Upcycled Messenger Bags at
Upcycled Messenger Bags

You might have to define “upcycling” when people ask about your messenger bag. But that’s cool. It means taking a discarded product and giving it a new life. This bag uses salvaged hardware and recycled leather to create a totally new carry-all.  It’s got all the features you need in a messenger bag: zip & Velcro outer pockets, adjustable shoulder strap, etc., and each bag is handmade to order.

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Ferragamo Boston Briefcase at
Ferragamo Boston Briefcase

Your laptop is your most important work tool. Therefore, show it the respect it deserves by carrying it around in a fine leather briefcase like this one from legendary Italian designer to the stars, Salvatore Ferragamo. The slim, all-black case features leather top handles, a two-way zip closure, plus a removable shoulder strap & internal laptop sleeve.

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The Roma at
The Roma

You want good photos, but do you want to lug a whole extra bag just for your SLR photo gear? Most of the time, we say screw it & put the point-and-shoot in our pocket instead.  Here’s a compromise. The Roma by Ona is a mini SLR case that fits a body & lens and slides right into your duffel or pack. Your camera is protected and your bag stays organized. Easy.

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