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O.A.R.S. Whitewater Rafting Adventures at
O.A.R.S. Whitewater Rafting Adventures

Fun and thrilling as it is, river rafting is a serious summer adventure. Before you hop in a boat with just any old guide, check out O.A.R.S. They have the most experience, the best guides and offer scores of tours. Everything from mellow weekend jaunts to all-out expeditions in Fiji, you’ll be on board with the most reputable outfit anywhere.

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Team O’neil Rally School at
Team O’neil Rally School

Get the details at

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Armourgeddon Tank Battles at
Armourgeddon Tank Battles

Your typical UK travel itinerary includes Buckingham Palace, a ride on the London Eye, a chippy for some fish-n-chips and perhaps a cruise on a double-decker. Not you. You would prefer to harness your inner manhood chasing tanks across an official WWII bombing ground. Engage in paintball battle from inside 17 tons of hardened steel outfitted with turrets & a 40mm cannon. What’s next…Hiroshima?

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The “X” Train – LA to Vegas at
The “X” Train – LA to Vegas

Could this end the drunken caravan through the high desert forever? In 2011, the “X” train will have party-goers traveling from LA to Vegas in a considerably safer way. Food, entertainment, private rooms & more – the only question left for the male mind is…will there be lap dance hussies? All in good time, I’m sure.

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Roger Waters: The Wall Tour 2010-11 at
Roger Waters: The Wall Tour 2010-11

Is there anybody out there? Yes. Late 2010.
Roger Water’s North American The Wall Tour couldn’t be more timely. The epic album’s concept revolves around themes of isolation, loneliness, war, imperialism, rampant racism & religious discord. Sounds a bit like the daily front page. Tear down the wall & snag tickets to this once in a lifetime concert event.

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Wide Open Baja Adventures at
Wide Open Baja Adventures

Nothing beats the dust of Baja California. You & a co-driver will spit sand at 90 mph in the latest off-road racing technology. Wide Open Adventures offers 3 multi-day excursions  – accommodations, meals, guides and of course, the vehicle – included.

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BikeHike’s Costa Rica Coast to Coast Adventure at
BikeHike’s Costa Rica Coast to Coast Adventure

If half-naked women and coconut cocktails are your idea of the perfect getaway, this bro-cation is not for you.  National Geographic named BikeHike’s Costa Rica Coast to Coast Adventure one of the top 50 tours of a lifetime. A merciless journey crossing Costa Rica from Pacific to Caribbean solely by muscle. Mountain bike, raft & hike your way over one amazing slice of earth.

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Big League Tours at
Big League Tours

Take me out to the ball game. Watch the Yankees take on the Astros, cruise the Hall of Fame & wrap it up with the Phillies vs the Red Sox. Just one example of ten different weekend trips offered by Big League Tours. Transportation and lodging included – play ball.

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Muse: North American Tour at
Muse: North American Tour

If you think Muse’s studio recordings have energy – wait until you see them live. Their shows are epic. Don’t miss the trio when they come your way spring 2010 in support of their latest recording The Resistance. If they’re not in your neck of the woods – they’re headlining Coachella on Saturday, April 17th.

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Coachella 2010 at
Coachella 2010

As with previous years, Coachella’s 2010 line-up is stellar. Take a glance above to confirm that. This post is your friendly reminder to book those tickets – don’t forget to pack light, it gets hot in the desert.

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