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Tough Mudder at
Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder is billed as IronMan meets Burning Man. If you think you’ll be running a desert marathon on acid, you’re a little off. What it really means is that you’ll be pushing your sorry carcass to the limits in an adventure-obstacle course designed by the British Special Forces. It’s not a race; it’s a physical challenge testing you like never before. And it’s coming soon, to a city near you.

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Ducati Tours in The South of France at
Ducati Tours in The South of France

In the mythology of men’s dream trips, few adventures match the mystery and freedom of a motorcycle journey through scenic byways of a foreign land.  Indulge yourself for a moment: imagine ripping a 1000-cc Ducati Monster down a winding road on France’s Cote d’Azur. Columbus International specializes in Ducati bike tours in southern France. Let them help you check one off your bucket list.

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Abercrombie & Kent Extreme Adventures at
Abercrombie & Kent Extreme Adventures

Some people are perfectly happy with a vacation involving nothing but loafing and cocktails. Others of us prefer something a bit more adventurous than Sandals or Disney—a trip where no Starbucks can be found. Where we sweat and see new things. Veteran adventure outfitter, Abercrombie & Kent, have the trips we’re looking for. Does dogsledding in the Scandinavian Arctic or a camel safari through Kenya sound better than “the world’s biggest buffet”?  A&K’s 15 custom adventure-travel trips are sure to offer you something unexpected & amazing.

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White Desert Luxury Antarctica Trips at
White Desert Luxury Antarctica Trips

If you want to experience the frozen beauty of Antarctica, you better hurry up. Science confirms our seventh continent is indeed slowly melting into the ocean. But before it goes, you can take the guided trip of a lifetime to this white desert to visit Emperor Penguins, mountains of ice and the exotic, far-flung corner of our planet where few have ever stood. Intriguing? Yes. Cold? Very.

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Coachella 2011 at
Coachella 2011

Before you put your life on hold for three days to get sunburnt in the SoCal desert with tens of thousands of pill-popping poseurs, make sure there are at least a few bands you like playing at this year’s Coachella music festival. The official lineup was just released today. Check it. Kanye West? Tickets go on sale Friday.

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Eric Clapton Guitar Auction at
Eric Clapton Guitar Auction

Unlike many rock stars, guitar legend Eric Clapton survived addiction. Back in the 80s, he started helping others do the same by opening a rehab facility in the Virgin Islands. And now “Slow Hand” is auctioning off truckloads of his personal gear to help out his Crossroads Centre. In March, classic amplifiers and guitars will go up on the auction block. Imagine, you can own an axe he used in Derek & The Dominos or an amp he played on tour: that’s more amazing than a rock star recovery.

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Treehotel at

Deep in the shadowy pine forests of Harads, Sweden, a crew of esteemed architects & designers have created a unique hotel experience. The Treehotel features one-of-a-kind rooms suspended in trees, bringing guests closer to nature. Choose from the Bird’s Nest, the UFO, Mirror Cube or other cabin room designs. And yes, you’ll sleep like a log.

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Climb Vinson-Massif in Antarctica with RMI Expeditions at
Climb Vinson-Massif in Antarctica with RMI Expeditions

Hurry up! Before Antarctica melts into the ocean, make the trip of a lifetime to the bottom of the world & climb the remotest of the world’s “Seven Summits.” After crossing the fabled Drake’s Passage in a prop plane, you land on an ice runway, and if you make it that far, the guided climb into the alpine should be no problem.

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Fighter Pilot For A Day at
Fighter Pilot For A Day

You wanna do a little dog fighting? No…not Michael Vick style…we’re talking fighter-pilot-for-a-day. Cloud 9 Living specializes in exotic adventure action – like air combat school for you. No experience needed & you jump into the cockpit of a fully-aerobatic Marchetti SF260 Italian fighter plane. This is not some phony joyride either. You learn from real fighter pilots and you fly this bird 90% of the time.

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Build Your Own Corvette Engine

If you’re dropping-in on a new Corvette, you obviously have enough testosterone to handle a trip to the Chevy engine plant in Wixom, Michigan to build your own motor. Tack a mellow $5800 onto your  ’Vette’s sticker price & you can literally get your hands in the engine (with tech supervision) as it is custom-built for your car. Where else could you do this but in the good ole USA?

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