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Stiletto Titanium Hammers at

Stiletto Titanium Hammers

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Why use Titanium for a hammer? Because traditional steel ones send 10-times more shock up your arm with every strike. Stiletto’s pro-grade hammers feature Ti in the head & handle, which in addition to shock absorption, is also lighter & stronger. For durability, the face of the hammer is still steel & magnetic for easier nail starts.

Fiskars IsoCore Hammers at

Fiskars IsoCore Hammers

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The traditional hammer, unchanged for centuries, now appears to be going the way of the dodo. With innovative designs like Fiskar’s IsoCore, the days of hands and arms numbed by the shock of impact are over. By applying surprisingly simple but critical principals of mechanical engineering that dampen and redirect vibration, this new hammer delivers four-times less shock than a wood-handled equivalent.

Unemployable: 30 years of Hardcore, Skate and Street at

Unemployable: 30 years of Hardcore, Skate and Street

Unemployable is a photo-driven history of 3 Australian brothers —Stephen, Peter, and Matt Hill—who built one of the world’s biggest surf, skate, & streetwear brands: Globe International. This book follows the bros from their early beginnings as outcast skaters in the 70s through decades of infamous industry parties, tours, movies, & competitions to promote the surf, skate, & fashion scene that fueled their passions.

Bucket Boss at

Bucket Boss

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A standard 5-gallon plastic bucket is a great vessel for transporting your tools, especially when fitted with the Bucket Boss tool organizer. It’s made of 600D ripstop poly and features 56 pockets; 38 on the outside & 18 inside the bucket plus loops for hammers, drills, & longer tools.

NOBULL Traditional Duffle at

NOBULL Traditional Duffle

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Hardcore training brand NOBULL has branched out from footwear to offer some accessories that are just as tough. Their 33-liter Traditional Duffle is made of ballistic nylon with a waterproof interior and features a MOLLE compatible exterior system & beefy YKK zippers plus a removable shoulder strap that attaches with carabiners.

Optimus Svea Camp Stove at

Optimus Svea Camp Stove

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Swedish-designed Optimus camp stoves have been a mainstay for hardcore backpackers and climbers since the brand’s Svea 123 model was introduced back in 1955. Favored for its rugged, problem-free performance, the Svea has evolved a bit over the years but the stove still features all brass construction and its super-simple burner design. Burning white gas, it can boil water in under 7 minutes & is adjustable down to a simmer. via

The All Controller Universal Gamepad Does It All at

The All Controller Universal Gamepad Does It All

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All Controller is the world’s first truly universal gamepad. It can replace every controller for virtually every system. It works with any PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox 360, XboxOne, PlayStation3, PlayStation4, plus Android and iOS phones. Support for Nintendo Wii, WiiU, and Switch are currently in the works. Hardcore gamers will appreciate the comfortable, ergonomic design, loads of customizable functions, & 40-hour constant-play battery life. A funded Kickstarter.